4 Fashion Faux-Pas To Always Avoid

Hero photo amd makeup by @evalouis. All outfits below from NA-KD

Fashion can be an exciting way to express yourself, but there are certain mistakes that can leave you looking frumpy or outdated even when trying to look fashionable!

Avoiding fashion errors can help elevate your style and ensure you look your best. Below are some of the major fashion errors to be wary of at all costs.

1. Wearing clothes that don’t fit

Clothing that doesn’t fit properly can make your entire ensemble appear off. From tight to loose fitting garments, mis-fitted apparel can detract from your overall style and appearance.

One of the biggest fashion mistakes you can make is wearing clothing that is too small, particularly tops, shirts, and sweaters. Wearing too-small clothing may cause your shoulders to hunch forward, making you appear older.

Another mistake can be wearing clothing that is too large, which can make you appear disorganized. Furthermore, it’s wise to avoid baggy items that could make you appear frumpy and old.

One common fashion faux pas is purchasing clothing just because someone else liked it on them; this can lead to having too many clothes you never wear and will fill up your closet with items you will likely never use again. Instead, consider investing in pieces that will enhance your existing wardrobe instead.

2. Wearing clothes that are too matchy-matchy

Your mother may have told you matching shoes and bags was fashionable; however, this fashion faux pas can age you significantly. It is key to incorporate different patterns, colors, and styles in your outfits rather than matching too many clothing pieces together; matching too many clothes at once is often disastrous!

If you want to wear matching clothing, choose neutral or similar hues so the combination doesn’t feel overpowering. Navy and green is an effective combination, while blue and brown may clash too much.

Attire that fits well can make all the difference when it comes to looking your best, and by avoiding these fashion missteps you’ll make yourself appear more put together and elevate your style.

3. Wearing clothes that aren’t flattering

Fashion errors to avoid include clothing that doesn’t fit properly - whether too tight or baggy they can ruin your silhouette and cause it to collapse. To make sure that outfits appear polished and elegant, invest in pieces that flatter your body type while fitting well and purchase key pieces that complement it.

When buying clothing based on what you see on social media or from someone else, be sure they have similar coloring and body types to yours so you know it will enhance rather than detract from your style. This way you’ll know you made a smart investment.

Do not take fashion advice too seriously. Fashion should be seen as a form of expression, so wear what makes you most comfortable. By employing some simple strategies, you can avoid some major fashion mistakes that have been ruining your wardrobe and boost your style - be sure to avoid these three major fashion errors so your closet will quickly be full of confidence!

4. Wearing clothes that don’t match your personality

One of the biggest fashion mistakes people make is wearing clothing that doesn’t suit their personal or style, resulting in an unappealing or disorganized appearance. For instance, don’t force yourself into wearing certain colors and patterns just because others do; doing so may only end up making you uncomfortable and may eventually lead to you wanting to avoid that particular color/pattern altogether.

Others make fashion mistakes such as investing in trendy pieces instead of timeless pieces, selecting monochromatic color schemes, or wearing mom jeans (only acceptable if they are not being worn by moms!). Avoid these fashion errors to elevate your personal style and develop it further.