by R. K. Bloom

NEXX NF-590 – the worlds thinnest MP4-Player

NEXX NF-590 – the worlds thinnest MP4-Player

New products of MP3-players based on flash memory for a long time do not cause a stir around – everything that can be done in this segment of the market (in accordance with modern technical capabilities), the producers have already done. So technically improved players have nowhere to go. Nothing can be done – the developers have a hard time.

Not so long ago we looked at the novelty of the Nexx Digital – Compact NF-850, which, by design, should attract the attention of the recorded video clips in memory Comedy Club. Content is bundled with the player – it is certainly an interesting option, but still, not very effective – saving home users are unlikely to bite on such advertising.

Another thing – design. It is no secret that the vast majority of users choose MP3-player is on this basis. Some of them, of course, previously limited the number of potential options, and even the choice of several manufacturers, but eventually everything will still converges to the design and ease of management. And it is in principle correct, because the specifications of most new products are now slightly different.

About tastes, as you know, do not argue, but you can always catch the most recent of any fashion trends, pocherpnuv of them at least a few moments – ideas that might appeal to the majority. These, of course, now is miniaturization. All portable electronics today are trying to reduce the downright indecent to modest proportions. Is it good or bad – it a separate article, and philosophical. We also now slightly different purpose – to test lab got the thinnest in the world (according to the manufacturer) MP4-Player NEXX NF-590, to which we immediately and begin …

Technical characteristics


Traditionally, MP3-player NEXX, NF-590 comes in a little black cardboard box with a decent set of accessories: headphones, interface cable, carrying case with an additional attachment to the arm, neck strap, CD with drivers and user manual.

It is the traditional set – nice to see included with the player branded pouch. And thats what the manufacturer is a bit profane, its for lack of a set of common charging from the mains. Alas, you can charge the player only on the computer of USB.

Design and appearance

In his two measurements (height and width) NF-590 does not seem miniature. Small – yes, but far from revolutionary young. But the thickness of the novelty is really worthy of inclusion in the category of “slim”. NF-590 is more like a quaint charm than the MP3-player.

The body actually consists of three main parts: the lower the metal base, painted in black and imparts rigidity of the device, the glossy side of the plastic edging, made in a single molded part, gradually transforming into a front surface, a transparent plastic lining that covers the display and touch panel controls under him. All elements of the case accurately adjusted to each other without the slightest hint of a gap.

The touch screen control unit is represented by seven buttons with white translucent symbols. When you click on one of the buttons the entire block is highlighted in red, have passed by inheritance to the NF-590 from the previous models of MP3-players NEXX. Red lights are very well combined with black housing.

In the central part of the upper end of the slider is spring loaded at the same time responsible for the power on / off and locks the keypad. Here we are in the left corner of the mounting holes of the cervical cord.

On the right side is located a tiny hole built-in microphone.

Do not forget about the manufacturer and click Reset, traditionally recessed deep into the body – it is in the bottom of the left end.

Well, headphone jack and an interface to connect the player to the computer located on the bottom. The first represented the most common standard mini-jack 3,5 mm, which is flat on our hero is at least surprising. It is necessary to express the engineers from Nexx Digital grateful that they “found the strength to” do not give up a major connector in favor of the increasingly popular among a more compact version of the PDA diameter of 2.5 mm. After all, most quality headphones are still adheres to the classical version of the plug.

But the interface connector, willy-nilly, had to change to a non-standard – use any miniUSB options would add to the thickness of the record for at least 1 mm. However, a significant role for the user that a millimeter, would certainly not have played, and the benefits of miniUSB obvious – you can buy and carry around a compact, folding into the coil cable, in case of damage / loss of the cable that comes with it can easily be restored in just a few tens of rubles. So we can say that in this case common sense is temporarily surrendered his position in front of a desire to “the most-yourself.”

  1. In general, looks new, of course, fascinating. Stylish and stern face worked together fairly well, to the smallest detail. Also nice to see that, despite its compact dimensions, the player has not lost normal functionality.
  2. “Miniature” in the palm of your hand

The player next to nothing loose, except for a slightly extruded front panel (with the resonant sound while sticking to his body parts filling). Nevertheless, the feeling of how this little one in your hand, ambiguous. On the one hand, the flat NF-590 just a pleasure to hold with pride feeling the full power of technological progress and the rejoicing of his originality.

On the other hand, the player is lost, even in medium-sized hands, and to manage them with one hand have long to get used to. The first thing you want to do is embrace the body with your fingers. It turns out that this is not necessary, otherwise you will not be able to reach out to all of your thumb controls the touch panel.

Much easier to push the player a little body up and over your index finger – work like a joystick with the touch will be much easier, although you may not leave a feeling of discomfort.

However, all this is purely subjective things that many can not seem correct. But from what can not be brushed aside because it is from the player management issues in the case. New completely loses its lightness and elegance of pressing the touch panel keys, which she has a “naked” form. The buttons have to click several times, pinching them to carry out a particular action. Moreover, an algorithm to develop a dialogue with it is simply impossible, because first button can not answer for a long time and then suddenly take five clicks instead of one. However, often one can not wait for a response. If the room temperature, these problems are not very noticeable, the cold weather outside buttons refuse to obey absolutely.

Surprisingly, the manufacturer of the problem, apparently, knows, and in the instruction manual and wrote: “The player buttons may not work when it is in the bag …” And this is with a native (and not acquired from a third party) cover! The result of this – in the process of communicating with the NF-590 had to stop using it to cover as remove and re-tuck it in there easy. As a consequence, will not be able to use and a strap for mounting on the arm.

But by itself the touch pad has a very high sensitivity, and difficulties in working with the player is not there any sort. Here I would like to recall the problems that showed up at work with a touch panel for testing MP3-player NF-850. Theres buttons were too tight and behaved inappropriately. In the NF-590 from the old error is gone.

In addition, the manufacturer must pay tribute for what he is in such a small package was able to accommodate seven buttons are relatively far from each other. Of course, manage blindly is almost impossible (its minus all the sensory apparatus, and not only NF-590), but rather only a cursory glance, to get to the desired button with a probability of 99%.