by R. K. Bloom

Laptop ASUS F50Gx: wagon for home and office

Laptop ASUS F50Gx: wagon for home and office

Today we introduce our readers with a new model laptop ASUS F50Gx, who visited recently in our lab. This model is fairly new, as announced just last month. The hardware base is applied in the design of the laptop, is a versatile combination of components, so that the appearance of this model, you can just say one thing: its time.

The manufacturer positions the model ASUS F50Gx as a universal solution for home and office. And indeed, the laptop combines a modern processor Intel Mobile Core 2 Duo, DDR2-800, GeForce 9100 chipset (MCP79MX) with an integrated mobile version of the powerful gaming DirectX10 graphics GeForce 9400M G, 16-inch 1366×768 LCD screen of the new generation with a ratio of 16 9, high-speed hard drive SATA-2 and an optical drive Blu-Ray Combo, which in combination with an HDMI output allows you to talk about F50Gx as a real universal solution for all applications and entertainment, home and office.

In our lab tests done on the laptop F50Gx is above the specified “top” configuration, with pre-installed Windows Vista Business, though, in the shops you can find options with other specifications. So, F50Gx is also available with a 15.6-inch screen, rather than drive Blu-Ray COMBO can meet DVD-SuperMulti DL. Hard disk capacity up to 500 GB model will also meet with the standard batteries of different capacities. And, of course, different versions of mobile processors Intel.

In any case, each model F50GX series supports the new design concept ASUS Infusion, as reflected in the design of the laptop and its ergonomics. In addition, the ASUS Express Gate technology allows just 8 seconds after starting to listen to music, use MSN / Skype, email, view photos, listen to music and visit Web sites without time-consuming to load the operating system. Technology LifeFrame, SmartLogon and Virtual Camera is a full range of communications capabilities to boot, image editing, videoconferencing and more. The functionality of a laptop completes the availability of advanced wireless interfaces Wi-Fi and Bluetooth v2.1.

The table below shows the specifications of the laptop configuration ASUS F50Gx, who visited the testing laboratory 3DNews.


Since the testing in our laboratory model of the ASUS F50Gx came in the form of engineering model – only noubtuk and power supply, data on retail Draw complete information on the website of the manufacturer. The package includes a proper laptop, the nominal battery, universal AC adapter, optical mouse, carrying case, warranty card, a set of instructions, CD with drivers, software and user manual in electronic form, as well as licensed software package.

Despite its relatively modest for such a model, overall weight – less than three pounds, the notebook ASUS F50Gx does not create the impression of “portable” model (but portability can not boast of each 15.4-inch model). Rather, it is a computer that can move while typing or working with spreadsheets and push closer to watching a movie or spending time in 3D toy, and finally, just blow into the kitchen. But it is unlikely to travel with a 16-inch laptop, perhaps, to the office and back into the trunk of a car.

The exterior of the ASUS F50Gx looks elite – a dark, bluish-gray glossy cover with a deep main line and additional drawing, only guessable at a certain angle of light complex patterns gives the notebook a unique look.

The body and lid have rounded contours, with a tradition for most large laptops shell thickness decreases from the back side to the front end face, which is expressed in the specifications of the model definition of a double thickness – 37/42 mm. The display module is equipped with a latch or other locking system, but at the same quality construction joint, bonding, and a display base modules that can keep the display at any arbitrarily small angle relative to the base module, and move the display module when opening and closing very smoothly without the slightest hint of backlash, or distortions. Impressiveness of the display module design does not give the slightest reason to fear for the distortions and bends the LCD matrix, a thorough system.

Since a large form factor was originally dictated by such “semi-permanent” life notebook F50Gx, the designers did not stand ASUS traditional limit of compact models – the removal of interfaces on the lateral surface of the body, so the slots and connectors are located around the perimeter of the unit. Including the back side: here, in addition to air vent cooling system is Kensington lock, a connector for an external universal power supply, port USB 2.0, HDMI and analog video output VGA.

The left end of the laptop – the most saturated interfaces. Here are the connectors for LAN and telephone modem, a three port USB 2.0, hardware wireless switch, full-height PCI ExpressCard/54, microphone jack and headphone jack (combined with a digital output SPDIF).

Right side of the notebook set aside exclusively for the optical drive Blu-Ray COMBO.

Finally, the frontal design: a slot for flash memory cards, a lot of indicators that are located in the center, as well as built-in stereo sound system, the dynamics of which are located on each side, just below the “waterline”.

The holy of holies – the “technical cellar”, the lower plane of the laptop.

Under the largest of the removable covers are slots for memory modules SO-DIMM DDR2, two of them. Under one of the smaller cap (the one that is fixed with screws) is a 2.5-inch hard drive. Another cover – one that is fixed latch is not a cover, and the outer surface of the removable laptop battery.

The battery is easily removed and put in place, so that fervent desire to travel with a laptop that you can stock up on extra batteries and extend autonomy.

Opening the display. The first thing that catches your eye – diversified design. Thus, if the area in front of the keyboard – for wrist, executed in a style similar to the external design of the cover, the frame of the display – glossy black to match the design of the individual series of displays.

Moreover, the narrow strip above the keyboard at all for some reason the material is made of a mirror, and a narrow decorative insert between the mirror and the keyboard, which also are service buttons, made of silver material with “pimples”. In short, the design of an amateur …

At the top of the screen is already become a familiar web-camera 1.3-megapixel resolution for video sessions using the example, Skype.

The glossy display has a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels and 16:9 aspect ratio. Very convenient when watching HD movies. The screen is easy to work with a wide range of external illumination and lighting.

Full-sized keyboard models F50Gx, including even the module set of numbers, of course, suitable for continuous daily operation and does not require getting used to when switching from conventional desktop keyboard. The keys resilient fixing pressed clear, especially pleasing full-Ctrl, Alt, Shift, Caps, Enter and Backspace, and especially nice to see the left Ctrl where it is supposed to be – in the lower left corner.

The touch panel is equipped with a single mouse-click, two-position rocker, wide and very comfortable to use.

A few words about the software that came bundled with ASUS F50Gx. Particularly noteworthy is the multimedia equipment packages – there is a Power Director V5.0, and Medi @ Show V3.0, as well as ASUSDVD 6-in-1 and WinDVD8 BD. In short, everything you need for advanced multimedia applications, including those with discs Blu-ray. Although, to play Blu-ray still need to recommend a new version of Cyberlink PowerDVD 8, which is paired with a graphics NVIDIA GeForce 9400M G just great offloads the CPU.

Also very impressive list of useful utilities from ASUS – it Winflash for BIOS and Driver live Update, CopyProtect, SmartLogon, Net 4 switch, Power4Gear eXtreme, Multi-Frame, Life Frame 3, Wireless Console, Data Security Management (ADSM), Virtual Camera, and the Express Gate Asus Screen Saver. In addition, the kit also comes Norton Internet Security 2008, Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.0

and NERO 8 Essentials.