by R. K. Bloom

ASUS-Lamborghini VX2S – “What do you call a yacht, so it will float”

ASUS-Lamborghini VX2S – “What do you call a yacht, so it will float”

Ferruccio Lamborghini Did (Ferruccio Lamborghini) back in 1963 that his name will be used in hi-tech industry as a quality mark, the proof of identity and power? Most likely – no. It was in 1963 saw the light of the first sports car from a manufacturer of tractors – Lamborghini 350 GT. That the owner of the company Ferruccio Lamborghini proved that he can do no worse than the sports car Enzo Ferrari (Enco Ferrari), once unjustly offended him. After more than 40 years of struggle between two families, or rather, a brand of racing lines and polygons transpired also in hi-tech industry. On the one hand – notebooks Acer Ferrari, and c is the other – ASUS Lamborghini. We managed to get to the test the first product of ASUS c logo in the form of a bull on the cover. This time will be considered new and improved products – a model of ASUS-Lamborghini VX2S, which incorporated all the latest developments and technologies.

Technical specifications, according to the manufacturer



15,4 “, 1680xLCD Zero Bright Dot

2xGb, DDRII-667 DRAM


Delivery Ultimate, among other things, includes a docking station. We got to test a simple equipment:

The appearance and ease of use

As the name implies, of course, expect some similarities with the sports car Lamborghini. And the similarity is. Almost all advertising materials laptop VX2s present Lamborgini Murcielago bright yellow color, the image is also used in the screen saver and as a “wallpaper” for your desktop. The laptop itself can be either black (version “Carbon”), or bright yellow, as mentioned above supercar. I wanted to hit it on the tests Yellow: bright, unlike the others, stands out from the gray mass. And it did. The bright yellow cover with a glossy surface will inevitably be to collect fingerprints and scratches with the incredible speed, but, surprisingly, the fingerprints are almost invisible, and various scrapes and scratches are very difficult to see (and even then, only when the incident light rays at a certain angle). In addition, the surface hides scratches, it also resists their appearance. Due to the thickness of the wall to push the cover up of the matrix is ??almost impossible.

In addition to color, about Italian supercars like Lamborghini emblem in the form of a bull in the center of the lid, and the name of the manufacturer modestly placed in the corner.

The build quality of the mark, its a status model, and minor flaws can not be determined. Uneven joints squeaking connection with the backlash – just do not. With a heavy heart (after all, a considerable cost of the laptop) was checked for quality of assembly by twisting the fracture, but to achieve the appearance of a body of some extraneous sounds did not.

On the cover except for a couple of logos under the corrugated insert are four indicators of activity: the network, battery status, Bluetooth status, and Wi-Fi-adapter.

On the front side, closer to the right, just set the infrared port.

The back of the battery is almost fully occupied, and in the right corner is a hole installation castle security.

The left side mounted RJ-45 connectors, VGA, 2 USB, HDMI and cap Blue-ray-drive.

Right side of the most loaded: memory card reader, connectors, express card, e-SATA, line-out and external microphone, a USB-port, IEEE-1394, the vents out, RJ-11 and connect the power supply.

At the bottom, above the cooling fan, is a decorative overlay that simulates a forged wheel drive Murcielago.

In addition, the bottom panel is the port to connect the docking station, a battery with two locks, mikroknopka hard reset (Reset) and a pair of bays (hard drive and memory) available to the user. Seven different forms of rubber feet cling to any surface countertops.

Emulation of aluminum panels and leather inserts with stitching thread naveivayut bright idea of ??sports car cabin. There are no labels Intel or NVIDIA in case not, they all work together with the protective shipping film.

Full-size keyboard, the width of the keys – 18.5, the course – about 3 mm, pressing soft, and even the sound of a soft key operation. The surface of the keys is covered with varnish, which gives the laptop a special luster.

Near the lower left corner is a block of indicators, similar to that installed on the lid. LEDs are incredibly bright and at work in the dark a little bit distracting.

The touchpad and keyboard manipulator performed single block in the form of a trapezoid. Approximate dimensions of the touch panel – 83 mm (on the midline of the trapezoid) to 44 mm. The keys are very short paddle, and when triggered, they produce a noticeable click. Between the keys is a fingerprint reader.

Above the keyboard there is a system of indicators of white (the reference to the hard drive, and Lock-keys), six multimedia keys (cyclic choice of color correction, the choice of mode of performance, a couple of keys to activate the wireless interfaces, key off the touch pad, the launch of Windows Media Center) and the key inclusion of an indicator.

On the upper edge of the screen is rotating camera and built-in microphone hole.


In the notebook is equipped with a glossy surface and a resolution of 1680×1050 pixels. Of course, its not FullHD, but whether such a permit for a 15.4 “display? The notebook is equipped with VGA and HDMI (with adapter for DVI), which allow you to enjoy high-definition video to external displays and TVs with large diagonal. But to return directly to the display. Backlight brightness is regulated in large repartitions traditionally brightness levels 15. Mean enough to work indoors, the maximum level allows you to work outside on a sunny day, but, like all the “glossy” displays, he is afraid of direct sunlight and side / rear illumination. Viewing angles, both horizontally and vertically large, and more than enough for comfortable work. The program Splendid Video Enchancement Technology allows you to select one of six preset templates, display performance. Select a template produced by a designated button.

Sound system

The quality of built-in sound system – its the only time when the costs to stop singing the praises of ASUS-Lamborghini. The laptop is small and thin, and put it in a quality sound system is quite difficult. The maximum volume is not too high, but no extraneous sounds during its installation (noise, squeaks, or wheezing) were noted. Of course, the sound quality is superior to most utility models, but it can not be called perfect, if the high frequencies is more or less normal, then there is almost no bass, because VX2S no built-in woofer and bass reflex.

Wireless interfaces

In the ASUS VX2S installed a wireless network adapter Intel Wireless Pro 4965AGN and Bluetooth-module (2.0) c support for EDR. Manage wireless interfaces by using standard operating systems, as well as with key management of wireless interfaces. Setting the local (including wireless) network is possible by proprietary utility ASUS NetSwitch. In NetSwitch supported by many self-created profiles, which is much easier to work if the PC is used in different networks with different settings.

The level of noise and heat treatment

As mentioned above, the vents in the area of ??the CPU are covered in a decorative panel rim. But even if they completely cover the tape, the temperature will not rise (User Manual prohibits such experiments). However, the laptop heats up only in the CPU, and make it from overheating, you can only by overclocking. The impeller fan almost always runs at low speeds, and published it the noise is barely noticeable. On the hard drive, you can only judge on the indicator of activity that is characteristic of most modern hard disks. Jobs and temperature regimes optical drive considered in this section.