by R. K. Bloom

Digital Camera Canon PowerShot G3

Digital Camera Canon PowerShot G3

I do not want to prophesy its imminent death of the article the usual (non-digital) photography. Also, I will not list all benefits and advantages of digital cameras. If you regularly read the articles on 3DNews, you yourself well know all this and understand. And I would like to tell you about a very curious camera – Canon PowerShot G3.

And its not that this camera – the continuation of the line is quite popular devices G1 and G2, which found many admirers, and that its parameters, it came pretty close to the low-end professional cameras, while remaining below their cost and that is good and pleasant in all respects, device, worthy of our utmost attention.

First Look

In the first place, revealing a colorful box with a camera, inevitably begin to go through all the extra “little things” that manufacturers are additionally equipped with its product. In addition to an impressive stack of manuals (including a complete user manual in Russian) comprising: an AC adapter, it – the battery charger, battery Canon BP-511; CompactFlash (CF) card for 32 MB of memory, an infrared remote management; shoulder strap with company logo; USB and audio / video cables; CD-ROM drives with the fifth PhotoShop-ohm drivers and other software.

But put aside for later viewing configuration, and take in the hands of the camera itself. PowerShot G2 won the prize recognized by EISA and the best digital camera in 2002 in Europe. The developers decided that they should not break something that works so well, and just brought to a perfect state of all the features and capabilities of the camera, moving it to another level of quality. The silver-gray camera body looks very stylish. It falls into the hands of pleasure, and even its relatively considerable weight (410 grams) as it gives the machine extra solidity. All the controls are very logical and easily accessible. Their abundance may initially scare off the inexperienced user, but to make the first shot simply remove the lens cap and turn on the camera. But the more “advanced” photographers undoubtedly will appreciate the abundance of options for setting the desired mode photography. Honestly – a first look at the camera (and then second, third, tenth) was very positive and parting with it was very difficult.


From the emotional experience it is time to move on to the dry facts.

Above the chamber there is a “shoe” that allows you to connect an external flash.

The LCD screen is made of low-temperature polycrystalline silicon. Thanks to the hinge mechanism, tilt and swivel it can expand in all directions. When closed, the screen is pressed against the camera body. Using them is much more convenient than conventional viewfinder, macro mode and its use is generally a requirement (shooting with the viewfinder is possible, but the images, arranged with an optical viewfinder may be off-center subjects due to parallax).

By the way, the macro: The unit allows you to shoot in this mode, objects at a distance of 5 to 50 cm with a minimum focal distance and at a distance of 15 to 50 cm at maximum. When the lens is set to maximum wide angle, the size of the rented area at the minimum focal length is approximately 74 x 54 mm in position with a maximum focal length (telephoto), this size is approximately 55 x 84 mm.

Li-Ion battery, came with the camera, has a very impressive 1100 mAh. It is enough for about 3.5 – 4 hours (or approximately 350 images). Up to 90% capacity (sufficient for) the battery is recharged in about 80 minutes. For a full charge requires about 2 more hours.


In automatic mode, there are several shooting options, which are selected by simply turning the mode dial to the desired position. Auto – all you have to do – is push a button. All other settings the camera chooses its own. Portrait mode – used if you want to get a sharp image of an object on a blurred background (the longer the focal length, the more blurred the background.)

Landscape and Night modes of speak for themselves. While shooting at night is highly desirable to set the camera on a tripod. The fact that the background worked out by Slow shutter speeds, but at this time to keep the camera still in hand is almost impossible. As a consequence – the image is blurred.

With a panoramic shooting mode, it is possible to shoot up to 26 pictures vertically or horizontally, which can then be glued together into one large image using PhotoStitch, present on the disk with the drivers.

In addition to simple pictures the camera can take short movies. You can choose one of two resolutions: 320×240 or 160×120. The maximum duration of one video clip can be up to three minutes.

Wealth of opportunities for hand-held units will please many discerning photographers (albeit in an automatic mode, the image quality does not cause any complaints.) Enumerate them would have a very long time, except to say that you can change almost all settings, ranging from the parameters of exposure, shutter speed, aperture value, and ending with the sensitivity setting ISO, white balance, manual focusing and much more.


The camera can operate in either shooting or in playback mode, have pictures taken. Accordingly, the menu for these modes the camera has a different and depends on which of them are currently active.

All settings are easily configured, and G3 are saved with the help of this menu, and scroll wheel selector parameter is located under the index finger, allowing you to do everything on the job … that is, from photography.

Even fans of the various tweaking, which is haunted by the possibility to change something, will find here a field of activity. In the “My Camera” is an opportunity for just a few steps to set any captured images as a screensaver while turning the G3. You can also record your own sounds to the sound of the boot, the sound of clicking buttons, self-timer sound, shutter sound. Quite amusing would sound if during enable the camera you will be greeted with something like “Hi!” And during the shoot will ask, “Say cheese.”

Downloading images to your computer

Installing the program has not caused any problems. After rebooting the computer and connect the camera, she was immediately discovered and offered a choice of tools for processing images from the camera. However, at this stage, there was a small glitch, the results of which are visible in the screenshot

The reasons for this strange phenomenon is not clear. Hopefully, this operating system is to blame. After a simple press Enter to go to the mode of the camera:

Everything here is very simple: choose the pictures you want and click Download Image, and then specify the path to save the photos, wait a few moments and thats all the pictures are already loaded on your computer:

It really is just like a penny. I think, to describe in detail something just does not make sense.

In total

Good camera for good money. Weight advantages with virtually no drawbacks. G3 with no problems will find its fans among both novice and experienced photographers. So if you are willing to put something over 800 real money, its just your choice.


excellent design;

many different settings;

rich possibilities of manual controls;

macro mode;

semi-professional camera at a reasonable price.


the cost of the order of $ 800 may scare many beginners who can not appreciate all the cameras.

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