by R. K. Bloom

Cooler GlacialTech Igloo 5071 series and 5600 PWM

Cooler GlacialTech Igloo 5071 series and 5600 PWM


Always nice to install a new processor in your computer. And always with the expectation of the productivity gains that it was noticeable to the eye, so that the money was well spent. And what if this processor is Intel Pentium4? Well, youve made your choice! But modern Intel processors are not only good performance, but also a decent heat. This means that you need a good cooler. And what a good cooler? For some, a good cooler – this cooler is productive for someone he should be quiet, and for particularly discriminating, and it must be productive, and quiet. But for some important yet and the price … Not every buyer is willing to pay $ 50 for a cooler, even if it is perfection itself.

GlacialTech company has long been known for its production in the computer market. Coolers of this company have always been oriented to the segment of low-cost coolers, but this book different from other products. In general, there are several key features that are cooler GlacialTech company stand out from the competition:

First, as the material most often used light alloys, and therefore the weight of the coolers is within reasonable limits, without creating a threat to the motherboard.

Secondly, the fans are used GlacialTech, different outstanding performance and low noise. This is achieved using multibladed fans of the original shape of the impeller, in addition, the recent series of coolers started to apply the new fans that are designed to reflect the latest developments, and have even lower noise and better performance.

A third asset of GlacialTech is developing in the radiator, it is well-designed expense of forms of the radiator and cooling efficiency is achieved. All these qualities are the basis for coolers that go under the name “GlacialTech”.

And recently the company introduced a new series of coolers for Intel platform LGA775. So, we meet the GlacialTech Igloo 5071. Previous line was called the GlacialTech Igloo 5070. So how much change is in the same unit? The answer to this question, we will learn below, but now present another fresh series of coolers, which is designed for the most powerful processors and different from other non-standard design coolers with heat pipes. We are talking about coolers GlacialTech Igloo 5600. We did not test hit only one model – Igloo 5600PWM, but it has the fastest fan, because even it one can judge the effectiveness of the entire series as a whole.

Before proceeding to consider innovations, lets look at the table with their stated specifications. For comparison, data from other coolers GlacialTech Igloo 5050 series and 5070, we visited earlier.

Even the table shows that the entire series Igloo 50XX has the same fan, the only difference in the speed of its rotation: For the basic models (5050/5070/5071), it is 2800 rev / min, for “silent” versions (Light) Speed rotation of the impeller below 2400 rev / min, and the most powerful models with the suffix “PWM”, are the fastest fan that rotates at a speed of 3800 rev / min and has an automatic speed control. The new Igloo 5071 series has appeared as a model and quiet, “Silent”, the speed of the fan is only 1 700 r / min. But for the Igloo 5600 is already used by another, slightly less efficient fan. But enough words, we meet a series Igloo 5071.

GlacialTech Igloo 5071 (Silent / Light / PWM).

So how much difference is in the same unit?

All coolers series 5050, 5070, 5071 are available in a completely ordinary white cardboard boxes, because there is no point in even bring their photos, but the contents of these boxes looks much more interesting.

Here is a picture of previous models:

On the right is Igloo 5050PWM, left his native ancestor of the new series – Igloo 5070PWM, the center also houses a standard cooler for CPUs Pentium4 (LGA775), which comes in a boxed set.

And heres what a handsome Igloo 5071:

As we remember from the table, the fan did not change its rate of rotation is the same as that of the Series 5070. A further edinichka in the title has brought us a new radiator. Something like a new revision, only the changes in the radiator is very noticeable: the base is completely changed – now it is more evenly and smoothly tapering from the center to the edges. The shape of the edges, too much has changed: they became a little thinner, and more of them. Accordingly, the area has grown and is blown by the fins.

In general, looks brand new Igloo 5071 a few more solid its progenitor 5070 – loudly sharp profile was replaced by a more classical.

At the base of the cooler with a layer of uniform layer of gray thermal interface.

GlacialTech the company calls it “High-performance thermal compound” (High Efficiency Thermal Compound), but the real judge of its effectiveness is still too early.

For protection against dust and accidental finger touches the base with applied thermal interface covered with a plastic lid.

The foundation, hidden beneath this gray mass is not very polished, but it can not be called substandard

Reflect on it difficult to see, but no traces of rough treatment at all.

Mounting the cooler on the motherboard is pretty easy, but it has some special features. Small screws are hidden plastic rim bolted to the cross-shaped thrust plate on the back of the card. To stop plate is not slid to install, at its central part of the adhesive layer is applied, protected by a paper tape.

Before installing this film should be removed and carefully glue the plate to the back of the card so that the screw holes match the mounting holes on the motherboard. Then you can safely turn the board and evenly screwed cooler, without fear that the frame Early Rada Elections Necessary. By the way, the plastic rim around the screws does not allow the screwdriver slip off and damage the motherboard, which is important. In addition to ease of installation, adhesive layer on the frame will happen as well, and electrical insulation. The only drawback is that when removing the cooler otlepit thrust plate on the motherboard is very easy. This operation has to make a great effort, and when the plastic did take off, some of the adhesive layer remains on the motherboard itself. Remove it easily is not, but thats when you reinstall the cooler will have to come up with a new sticker for the hard plate – after the dismantling of the old part breaks off and comes into complete disrepair. As a new Velcro can be used, for example, double-sided tape.

Fans can call openly proud of GlacialTech, “silence and performance” – that is their creed, even the appearance is sympathetic.

And not in vain: an aggressive form of the impeller, cone-shaped profile with lots of slots and, finally, high-quality ball bearings allow these fans, the production company Everflow, to create a powerful airflow with less noise. But these tricks can not save, when the fan speed passes for 2500 rev / min. Even a version of “Light” can not be called quiet, 28 dB at 2400 rev / min – this is not the silence. The level of noise from the fan base version, Igloo 5071, somewhat stronger, but for a difference of 400 rev / min is necessary to pay thirty-two decibels. Recall that the volume, measured in decibels, is growing by a linear characteristic, but on a logarithmic curve, because the gain in 4 dB more than noticeable. About the noise produced by fan Igloo 5071PWM at maximum speed, 3800 rev / min, without shaking is difficult to speak. Do not even imagine a person who can endure such a long time. If it were not built in speed control, then the cooler with no gags in his ears would not sell at all. At a time when the fan speed down to 2000 rev / min, by itself breaks a sigh of relief – now you can listen and hear other sounds, including the noise of the rest of the fans, does not clog the CPU cooler.