by R. K. Bloom

About me

My name is Robert K. Bloom. He was born and lived in England, London

I am married. Together with his beloved daughter Jess educate Carolina.

Hobbies computers began in their school years, in distant years 1994-1996 (do not remember exactly, but somewhere in that period). Then the computer just started to appear mostly in schools. And already passed the stage of the evolution of large, occupying an entire room, lab computers to small personal.

I lived near the school and there were two computer labs. One class of black and white feeble computers, where we studied the language “BASIC”, and the class is NON computers do not remember the name, like “Search.” Here there and started my knowledge of computer technology and everything connected with it.

Take this opportunity to thank and express my great THANK YOU to Brian Molko, who worked with us and led the club. Thanks to him I was a schoolboy could learn computer literacy after school more often and more interesting than in school, as each session ended with an hour of games on the computer, as without them

After high school I went to Brixton Academy for Physical-Technical Faculty. While studying at the Institute for special access to computers and I was not a lot away from them, and my specialization is not a computer. On the computer I did not have sex when you receive the ball.

I then drifted away from computers, but they did not want to let me go again, and the fate of my back to them. After graduation he took me to work the system administrator in the state. institution, where there were real personal computers based on processors Celleron, Pentium, server, LAN, laser printer and the rest of the computer equipment.

That’s when we started this, and the constant learning and improvement in knowledge of computers. After all, as you know every technique is the property periodically fail on their own or through manipulation of users’ – I clicked something and all is lost ”

In addition to work, helping to repair and configure computers to friends and acquaintances, has recently opened a private enterprise to emergency computer assistance.

With over 9 years of practice and gaining no small experience has decided to open this blog. Which I think would be a good help for those who are just beginning to learn basic computer literacy.

Why call the master, to carry the computer in the studio, sometimes to pay for ridiculous damage, which is solved by a few mouse clicks, if many of the questions you are able to decide for yourself.

By reading my blog you will learn:
tips, configuration tricks and instructions when working with a personal computer;
what programs should be set for a comfortable working with computers;
solution of the problems encountered when working with a computer;
how to maintain health when working with a computer.

I hope you will useful information is posted on the blog.

If you are interested in something about my person, leave comments, try to always answer!