by R. K. Bloom

Bluetooth-headset Samsung SBH-100

Bluetooth-headset Samsung SBH-100

The idea suggested itself for a long time – lets remember how many times, cursing, ever had to unravel the Gordian knots tied in the wire at the music player. It has long wanted to have something that will not have to worry about where to hide ill-fated wiring and not “bother” about the noise. With the introduction of the Bluetooth standard, many devices have been able to communicate on a new radioprotokolu, and its amazing that there were only stereo right now.

Samsung SBH (Samsung Bluetooth Headset) -100 is one of the first truly high-quality products on the market. The headset combines a headset for your cell phone (the sound, of course, is fed to both speakers in conversation), and a stereo headset for listening to music. It is worth noting that the device can, in addition to cellular phone to connect to, for example, a desktop computer or PDA equipped with a module Bluetooth.

The kit, except for the instructions and charger (by the way, it is a small pin, so it is not suitable for your phone, and, conversely, a phone charger is not suitable for charging the headphones, not headsets in the example of Motorola, which coincides with a phone jack) is Box for carrying stereo headphone itself. Boll, unfortunately, is too small for a complete set (earphone, plus charger), so that there shall be placed only headphones.

Headphones are connected by two wire contraption, each of which is attached to the ear, flip the arc. Each headphone is wrapped foam sponge that provides some kind of external noise isolation, and any depreciation of the ear. Change sponges, unfortunately, not available.

In the ear the first time felt uncomfortable, but after a half hour stop noticing the headphones, so that, despite the presence of a radio transmitter and batteries, unlike them from conventional, wired, at minimum weight and size.

The connection of the two headphone wires – the most controversial issue in the design, but still, in our opinion, the pluses outweigh the minuses for the user. Judge for yourself. Only two drawbacks – the wire sometimes gets confused and does not ensure complete autonomy from each other headphones. On the other hand, they never lost each other, plus there is no need to put two different radio transmitters in the “ears”, which has a positive impact on battery life, all control is carried out with one “ear” in the end, they can just hang on neck, if you get tired of the music.

In general, the headset leaves the impression of a carefully thought-out and verified things – a lot of pleasant things some of which can be seen that the headphones are designed good professionals. For example, a microphone, placed outside of the left earphone is placed on the flexible pin, and not just one but two, at an angle to each other, so that it accidentally break off just unreal. In an additional ring wearing a wire, which will not give another jump ring, which changes the distance between the headphones. The wire that connects them, is made of quality plastic and in the cold “dubeet” slightly, in contrast to the thin provodochkov normal “ears” (tested in a freezer at -22 degrees). Written on both right and bow left, to avoid confusion.

Of the complaints for excessive wear, we note the rigidity of the arc – though she is made of two parts – a hard plastic rim and a soft paste polurezinovoy, yet soft paste is insufficient, and the ear, such as harsh. But while the headset tight enough “sitting” on the ear and not even jumps when jumping.

All controls are left “ear” – located on the rim volume control button, play / stop, switch tracks and swing them fast (at constant pressure), switch on and off food for the slide-shutter (just like on the Samsung D500 shutter nest headsets) – to connect the charger jack. At the front of the big button answers the call and its completion, as well as an indicator of work, winking blue in the process, charging purple, and when searching for other devices – multi-colored. As already mentioned, here is passed (most likely not to create interference) microphone.

All controls should be noted, very competently made – touch them different from each other and feel calm, so that confusion does not occur even after hours of use.

Given that the right “ear” there is nothing, only logo in Bluetooth, the weight of the same in both headphones, which of course is great – better than two of the same, the heavier, than a very light (remember how hard it is to haul buckets of water, if one half-filled, and another full?).

Battery life was pleased – with the average volume of the headset in a row worked about 12 hours, due, apparently, not one, but two batteries, a built-in two “ears”. And here was the limiting factor is a phone that worked in the player mode, only 4 hours, so that, rather, it should be more concerned about charging the phone battery.

The sound of the left mixed feelings – on one hand, the sound is clean, clear, without any distortion, on the other hand, significantly lower frequencies lacking, especially noticeable when playing rock music. Its quite strange, because diameter of the headphones can afford to withdraw from them enough bass. Plenty of volume, even on a noisy street. When the conversation is no problem for wearing headphones does not arise, but for the subscriber may be provided that the owner of the headset is on a noisy street. Sometimes directly into the microphone wind blows, and sometimes will travel by car on studded tires, and have to constantly ask again. Conclusion – far removed from the mouth microphones for rooms and enclosed spaces (eg, car).

The headset can connect to mobile phones that support the protocol A2DP, and yet they are extremely small – a Samsung D600, E750, E760, and I300. “Pairing” of devices (it was tested on a Samsung E760) goes through without any problems was, simply enter code 0000. After the “pairing” the headset will be invisible to anyone but a trusted device. Results of these devices can be trusted to four. On your phone, just turn on mp3-player and let the sound of the “A / V headset.” Why is it so called, to be honest, it is not clear.

Management is carried out with the headphones: it concerns all – and the playback volume, and its parameters. Very convenient, is not pulling the phone out of his pocket, to have almost complete control.

In conclusion, we say that the SBH-100 – balanced product, well thought out, has many fine amenities. It is suitable as a gift teenager who loves to show off to friends gadgets. However, the use of his solid “guy” somehow did not seem that if the usual Bluetooth mono, they look like dressed as commandos or neassimilirovavshiesya aliens, in this kind of headphones do something hard to imagine. At a price of $ 150 is a very good version of the gift.

Cons: not enough bass when playing music, harsh arc.

Pros: long battery life, good ergonomics, control directly on the headphones.