by R. K. Bloom

NeoDrive Bluetooth USB Dongle and PCMCIA / CF Combo – if you do not have the “blue tooth”

NeoDrive Bluetooth USB Dongle and PCMCIA / CF Combo – if you do not have the “blue tooth”

Blue light on the mobile phone (PDA, laptop) at the Advanced Hi-Tech worlds population today is often associated only with the presence of the device support technology Bluetooth. Not in the history of davayas appearance of this name, it is worth noting that, despite the usefulness of this technology is not yet in each device can be found to support it. In particular, in most laptops support “blue tooth” declared only option. The PDA is Bluetooth occurs more often – just that he does not have such a wide range of possible connections with the “outside world” as a portable PC.

But what about those who went to a laptop or PDA without Bluetooth, and now needed? Change the device? Do not rush out there. The market today is abysmal represented a variety of assistive devices, supplying your an old technique of additional blue LED. That two such different in its method of application, and today well talk.

Both devices are manufactured in the light of the same company Neodrive, specializing in the production of various computer gadgets, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth adapters. The first adapter – a modest little USB Bluetooth, and the second – a bunch of PCMCIA-Card Reader Compact Flash cards and direct CF card adapter Bluetooth.

NeoDrive Bluetooth USB Dongle Type I

So this is – a tiny USB Bluetooth adapter for connecting to any computer, whether laptop or personal computers, if only there was an available USB port.

Technical characteristics

Interface: USB 1.1

Plug & Play

Support for Bluetooth 1.2 specification

The maximum data transfer rate 1 Mb / s

Transmission distance up to 100 m

Compact size, ease of installation

Built-in security

The peculiarity of this device – in support of the new Bluetooth standard 1.2. Compared to the previous standard of 1.1, it provides several advantages, such as automatic frequency selection to avoid interference when multiple Bluetooth devices, a new organization of data transmission to improve the quality of sound, expedited the search for the provision of a faster connection between Bluetooth devices, abbreviated to 65% of the time of connection, and processing errors in the output stream when transferring large files, an improved algorithm for checking the quality of data, reduced energy consumption. Pretty impressive list, to reflect the acquisition of this particular device.


The adapter comes in a stylish clear plastic package, under which not only can you witness the gizmo itself, but also to read all of her features, as well as methods of application, of which there are a dozen.

In addition to the adapter in the package found the driver disk and a brief installation guide in English. Quite ordinary unpretentious equipment.


According to the most modern canon “gadzhetostroeniya” adapter is not made in a compact, and ultra-translucent plastic case.

Under a bright blue LED that lights up on the devayse at work, building this miracle of modern engineering and blue hues. If you look closely, through the translucent plastic, and you can see the board, and the fact that it is located.

Everythings just fine, except one – for some reason, the manufacturer has not provided for in the housing adapter, a small hole to attach any strap. The adapter is so small that it will get lost very easily.

Using an adapter

The efficiency of the device was defined as a stationary computer or a laptop. Differences in the characteristics of operation there, so go straight to the point.

Sticking the adapter into the USB port, the first immediately makes it clear that he is alive again with the help of the indicator. However, it is not enough. Now you need to install the software from the included disc.

Installation of the Bluetooth device manager and drivers is fast and hassle-free, and here we are already in Russian offer to configure the installed program. Setup consists of connecting the selection of the services with which you want to work when connecting to Bluetooth devices. Actually, all this can be reconfigured and then in the process.

Software and drivers stand, Bluetooth adapter is plugged into the connector USB – now you can and try to find a blue tooth devices around. Select the item “Bluetooth Places” and begin the search.

After the device discovery is just the standard run of the authentication and now, for example, we can observe in their own personal computers to access public folders (and, of course, copy the files), which lies near the CCP.

Over the entire period of testing the adapter was not found a single fault software (work was done under Windows XP SP2). When you copy a file link is not broken even when the second adapter is in the next room. Generally, the range of this adapter claimed up to 100 meters. It may, of course, is the case, but apparently not with the PDA (HP iPAQ2210), which was carried out testing. Even with the line of sight connection between the beginning to lose in 50 meters. However, it may with other devices will not.

On the other hand, even such a distance you might want to seldom. For example, I can not think for themselves only one way to use when you might need such a distance – to catch the “blue tooth” free internet near some cafe where one exists, the benefit of cafes, restaurants and other places in Moscow a few.

However, the range of application of the USB adapter is not limited to this. Not necessarily using it exclusively “to download files.” After all, he can help you connect to your PC every other Bluetooth technology – cell phones, mice, keyboards, routers, and any other necessary and unnecessary gadgets, which are now bred in nature abound.

In total

$ 40 for your favorite laptop or desktop personal computers, we have a simple and easy to use (though not the fastest) way to communicate with any Bluetooth devices. In addition, the adapter supports the new Bluetooth standard. NeoDrive Bluetooth USB eliminates the problem of the lack of “blue tooth” in your computer permanently. By the strong points of this device include soft and ultra-fine size (although the latter plus a sloppy user can easily turn into a minus).