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The implementation of Bluetooth on MB MSI 845E Max2

The implementation of Bluetooth on MB MSI 845E Max2

What is Bluetooth

Bluetooth, a wireless protocol devices. What allows Bluetooth? First of all, it is possible to connect computers equipped with BT modules in the network. In one of the network can be up to 8 cars, with one of them should serve as a server. Rate in such a network is small, and the range of BT-network is not impressive, but considering that in the next year BT board and integrated controllers can even become the standard for the motherboard, this is a good option for home networking, which is not necessary to transfer a lot of information.

Also, Bluetooth will allow PCs to connect wirelessly to the Pocket PC. For example line of HP / Compaq iPaq 3870, equipped with BT integrated controller is able to synchronize and transfer files to your PC via Microsoft Active Sync 3.5.

There is no doubt useful to the controller and BT the new owners of mobile phones Nokia and Sony-Ericsson. For example, a family of cellular handsets Nokia can sync via Bluetooth with a PC notebook and address book. In addition, will be much easier to transfer to your phone new ringtones, logos, and other data. Well, this phone like the Nokia 7650 via BT will be able to transmit the captured photos on a PC and stored files in a tube.

It is also possible, and voice control of your PC via the special Bluetooth headsets, connect speakers, headphones, various home appliances, keyboards, mice, etc. In practice, these solutions will gradually during this year, and will become popular and widespread, not earlier than in 2003-2004.

In general, the advantages of such an adapter, a lot. As far as drawbacks, first of all, it increases the price of the card. By the way, in retail sales in Moscow already have an external BT module, costing from $ 40, which can be connected externally to any PC or laptop via USB port.

MSI 845E Max2

Motherboard MSI 845E Max2 one of the first that comes on the market already equipped with a module Bluetooth. Of course, receiving a fee, the first thing that comes to mind is implemented in an office environment with Bluetooth server based on the MSI 845E Max2. For the experiments used a Nokia 6310 handset and a laptop Toshiba Portege 4000. To view this 6310 we installed from a CD set of software Nokia Communication Suit. As far as the laptop, no additional software is not needed.

Bluetooth-Controller motherboard MSI 845E Max2, designed as an additional module to be connected to the internal USB port.

Unfortunately, we were unable to find out what chip it is based, as most of the boards soldered metal lid is closed. On the back of the controller displays two LEDs and a connector for external antenna. The wire which is connected to the controller is a bit short, and not every body will be able to put the antenna on the cover.

If you connect the bluetooth card, then one of the USB ports would have to give. MSI has taken care of users and especially for this slot is hung on a sticker that says “Do not remove, when using bluetooth” (“do not remove if you use the bluetooth”)

Connecting the BT board in the system is as transparently as possible – first connect the board to the connector, then install the drivers. Then in the Windows system tray icon appears in Bluetooth and an additional icon on the desktop and there is a group of “My Bluetooth Places”.

MSI 845E Max2 and a cell phone

First of all, lets see how to get a GPRS connection via cell phone. In order to connect the phone to your PC, you need to go to the “My Bluetooth Places”, and select “Add bluetooth place”. The system will connect the master device:

By selecting the page in the top list of “Dial-Up Networking”, and the lower the specific device (in our case “3DNews 6310″) and clicking “Next”, you get to the second page, where it is necessary to specify the connection name and click Finish. After this, in My Bluetooth Places, an additional device:

Now, in order to cause a GPRS connection, simply click on the icon, right-click, and choose “Connect”:

At this point, a cell phone you will be asked to authorize the device. The answer is yes, you connect your PC and phone to each other. Then, set the details for the GPRS connection. We used the account to the Beeline network, and his example will show how to do it. So, we have the standard Windows Windows XP Connection Wizard:

Contact information can be taken at the site of Beeline. Leave the User name field blank. In the Password box, write “beeline”. Specify the phone number to dial (* 99 #). Now we proceed to the Control Panel (Control Panel). Open the properties of the modem:

In the Advanced tab prescribes the initialization string:

After this, simply click Connect, and after a while, if the proximity of base stations is available from the time-slots for GPRS, handset is authenticated on the network, and Windows will display in the taskbar icon of a standard Dial-Up connection. More talk about how the 6310 works on GPRS, we will not, because it does not not fit into the scope of this article. Suffice it to say that any particular problem is not there, and it is possible to use such access to the Internet. The speed and quality of communication over GPRS via Bluetooth is primarily dependent on the provider.

Data transfer

The second possible way to use Bluetooth module on the board – use it as a wireless network adapter. Unfortunately, at the time of testing we were not able to connect laptop and desktop PC via Bluetooth Mr. despite many hours of trying. Most likely, this problem is related to the software, since all devices are well seen each other, connected, but the network could not enter. The problem was described and sent to the support MSI. In the future, we will try to figure out how to configure a wireless network using a Bluetooth card MSI 845E Max2.

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