by R. K. Bloom

Testing of the wireless Bluetooth headset BlueTrek

Testing of the wireless Bluetooth headset BlueTrek

At the present time do not be surprised by the phone with support for wireless communication interface Bluetooth. Now almost any mobile phone in the price range of 200-300 dollars has the support of the “blue tooth”. But even this model as NOKIA 3310 can work with Bluetooth peripherals thanks to a special external adapters.

With this “tube” can be used a lot of interesting accessories, which are sometimes irreplaceable, they include a system HandsFree. Wireless “ear” is very comfortable in the car – and your hands are free, and no fine be imposed GAI OFFICER.

The theme of todays review will be a stylish headset BlueTrek from a Chinese company Innovi Technologies Ltd.

Background: ITL (Innovi Technologies Ltd.) Was founded in 1988 near, a worldwide technology center of the world of Hong Kong. Innovi working in the field of mobile technology. Production facilities are located in China. In June 2002, opened a research center Innovi Research Labs in France, which develops hardware and software Bluetooth solution.

Appearance and equipment

The design is original headset, BlueTrek design different from that used by companies such as Plantronics, Ericsson, Motorola, and other well-known manufacturers. BlueTrek like a snail with a small “shell”, which entered into a lithium-ion power supply, control unit and a single chip Bluetooth 1.1 controller.

The thickness of the base 13 mm, almost the entire mass, which is 27 grams, it is necessary on this part of the device. At the edge of the headset there is two-color LED, power button and volume controls, slot for a charger, a small logo Blutooth, serial number and stamped certificate of FCC.

Due to the fact that people have the size of the ear is not the same, the engineers created the IRL adjustable earpiece, which move in a horizontal plane about 18 mm.