by R. K. Bloom

ABIT AN8 SLI Fatal1ty on the NVIDIA nForce4 SLI

ABIT AN8 SLI Fatal1ty on the NVIDIA nForce4 SLI

After a pause, the company introduced its Abit motherboard

Chipset nVidia nForce4 SLI. The model is called the AN8 SLI and is available in two versions:

normal (AN8 SLI) and exclusive (Abit AN8 Fatal1ty).

In our test lab got the most interesting version (Fatal1ty), which differs

the presence of an active cooling system OTES, as well as support panel mGuru Panel.

And of course, increases the attractiveness of the brand of motherboard Fatal1ty, as well as a great

appearance of the product with a mass of additional LEDs :) .

Also, advanced users interested in the presence of an additional chip mGuru, on the

the basis of which Abit has implemented a lot of useful functions (eg – profiles of the BIOS settings).

Besides board has powerful acceleration, as well as original audio subsystem

on a separate board.

Specifications Abit AN8 SLI Fatal1ty


The board is packaged in a very large box with the logo design and carrying handle.



CD with software and drivers

User Manual in English + brief description of the functions Abit mGuru

Aerodynamic ATA-233 cable and an aerodynamic FDD cable

Four SerialATA cables + a power supply adapter (two slots)

Logo sticker Abit + sticker with the jumpers layout diagram

Sound scarf

Panel mGuru Panel with cables to connect the (optional one Firewire, two-port USB2.0,

audio outputs, the reset button the BIOS settings and multi-screen).

3 “floppy disk with the RAID driver

A rear panel of the housing

SLI – Connector

SLI – Terminator

Bracket for rigid fixation of the two video cards in SLI mode

Fan to cool graphics cards

Trim a few unbalanced and does not disclose all the features of the motherboard.

In particular, the additional 6 USB2.0 ports, you can connect more than 2 -

Panel mGuru Panel. Also in the box is clearly lacking a single adapter for

SerialATA devices and one Parallel-Loop. Learn more about

However, we note that all of SerialATA cables have connectors in the metal clips.

And the existing cables are twisted in the tube, for easy connectivity and better

airflow inside the case.

Another plus is complete – very high quality and detailed documentation

which describes all the stages of system assembly and setup. However, the description of some of the BIOS settings

could be more detailed.

Moreover, besides the basic guidelines, the board is attached Quick Reference Guide

and a brochure describing the features mGuru. There is also a congratulatory letter from Jonathan Wendell (Johnathan Wendel), which in its time, was one of the best competitive players.

In my opinion, the box should have put a sticker on the case with the logo Fatal1ty (which is to say that it is installed inside your computer :) such a fee, and badge with the same logo (the owner could be proud of their board away from the computer :) . Instead, the set is the usual label “Abit” and a sticker with the jumpers layout diagram.

The CD-ROM contains a complete set of drivers, as well as a set of tools to control the chip mGuru. This is a system monitoring utility Abit EQ, a utility to overclock from Windows – OC Guru, a program for controlling audio functions of the Audio EQ, a program to control fan – FanEQ, and finally a program for technical support – BlackBox.

The board itself is in a separate box with a transparent plastic lid.

Beside her lay SLI-connector and SLI-terminator, as well as sound scarf.

Sound scarf is as follows:

A SLI-connector and terminator are the same as on other mainboards:

In addition, the kit includes a bracket for fixing the two cards. It is installed

on the rear panel (as well as all other braces :) between the two graphics cards.

A curved plate is pressed on him SLI connector, and thus rigidly fixes

the entire structure.

Another element of the set – an extra fan to cool graphic cards.

It is installed over the cards and attached to the body as well as braces.

The fan is not rigidly fixed, and the user can move it in a small range.

Finally, the most important element of the set – 5 “panel mGuru Panel.

This is a pretty versatile device that allows you to display on the front

panel of the case two-port USB2.0, a one Firewire, headphone and microphone.

In addition, a separate button to reset the BIOS settings. Moreover, it is protected

from accidentally pressing a special plastic cover.

Also on the panel has a small screen, which displays information about the

current CPU frequency, fan speed, voltage levels, and

bus frequency PCI Express. It also displays the current time, indoor temperature,

and, of course, the logo Fatal1ty.

Use the user can change the brightness of the screen, as well as

make changes to the settings (eg overclocking by increasing the

frequency of HTT (or FSB)). In addition, the screen may appear conditional icons

that signal the arrival of new mail, receive messages and MSN to excess

any temperature.

Conclusions: The package bundle looks a bit unbalanced. And if we exclude

Panel mGuru Panel, then it does can be called poor. For final output, we need to

to know the retail price of the card.