by R. K. Bloom

Models for enthusiasts from CoolerMaster

Models for enthusiasts from CoolerMaster

Quite often, in many situations sometimes hear a “model for the enthusiast,” “enthusiasts will be pleased,” and thus not always clear what exactly is meant. To find out, let us first define for themselves who are enthusiasts.

Conventionally, all users can be divided into several groups. First well take those who believe that the computer should work, and nothing more. These users will opt for boxed cooler, or choose the cheaper model cooler from top manufacturers. Members belonging to the second group, they are the exact opposite: they buy the biggest, most effective and most expensive cooler. Often the effectiveness of such systems are not much higher than the usual, simple solutions, but the goal is: the users are satisfied that the use of “engineering marvel”, not only cooling the CPU, but also warms the soul.

But there is a third group – people who for various reasons can not afford to buy top of the solution (or do not consider such a purchase to be justified), and the cheapest model they are not satisfied with their performance. As a result, these users, making a purchase, begin to refine it with your hands to change the fans, polish the soles of the radiators. In short, these are the most enthusiastic, and they are not afraid of the idea that after buying a cooler more useful to “carefully handle a file.”

Most recently, we have already considered a “model for the enthusiast” – Ice Hammer 3775, today we look at the representatives lineup Cooler Master, compare them with competitors and find out how High-End solutions efficiently budgetary decisions. In addition, we examine the extent justified by the modernization of the cooler by replacing the fan on full-time more productive. For the tests we took the model from different price ranges: the category of “about $ 10″ is CK8-8JD2B-0L, and he had to measure themselves with the GlacialTech Igloo 7200. Middle-End models represented Vortex Dream and the Vortex Ultra (price is about $ 30), but as representatives of the High-End models were selected Hyper Hyper 6 and 48.

Thus, the range of applicants for the position outlined in the system unit – its time to examine them up close. We begin with a simple – with the budget line.

Cooler Master clearly divides the range into two lines: “conventional” model and “monsters” for enthusiasts. For whom is this or that cooler name implies: a model category of “Standart” have no proper names – only indexes. Therefore, our first goal orientation of the applicant – CK8-8JD2B-0L, already visible on the name.

The cooler is packed in a plain cardboard box, and in addition to himself in the package is no more. On the sole of the heatsink thermal interface has already been done, and to the transport was not damaged, the base of the cooler with a plastic lid.

Fixing is absolutely identical to that sold in boxed cooler: first for the socket teeth need to fix the clamping clip and then pull the plastic arm to her radiator. Ill tell you that this method of fixation was the most simple and convenient in comparison with those provided by other models.

At the base of the radiator is a copper insert, designed to increase the efficiency of the cooler, but that the quality of polish is poor:

All of the base is covered with a sort of notches, appeared there, apparently, after the passage of cutters. During testing, we examine whether the impact on the effectiveness of such irregularities, but would like to note that a competitor in the face of Igloo 7200 base is polished much better, despite the fact that traces of the mills are also present:

We see that the approaches to the design of cooling systems in different companies are different: GlacialTech engineers prefer to use a traditional aluminum radiator polished to a shine with a base and a variable height of the ribs, and the Cooler Master decided to go another way by placing a copper box in the basement. Which approach is more effective we will know only after the test, and now proceed to consider “models for the enthusiast” and start with the Cooler Master Vortex Dream (ACC-U72)

The cooler is packed in a plastic bag of relatively small size, and in contrast to “standard” models in the package also includes the mounting frame bracket on the rear panel (for mounting the controller turns) and a set of screws. Due to the fact that the sole is applied thermal interface is supplied with thermal paste in a tube removed. On the one hand, it simplifies the installation of the cooler, since it is not necessary to apply thermal interface itself, but on the other – before reinstalling the cooler to take care of thermal grease.

The radiator is a copper cylinder with fins attached to it. The design of a bit of a boxed coolers for LGA775: copper rod in the center and radial fins on perrimetru. Here are just a cooler Intel has aluminum fins, and we are considering Votex Dream – brass.

The processing quality of the base raises no objections. Of course, this – not a mirror, but the surface is flat and smooth.

A few words I want to say about fixing: because the model is compatible with both S478, and with the S754/S939, it represents a compromise in the installation and delivers a cooler small inconvenience. First, install the cooler must be removed the standard mounting frame. However, this can be tolerated, since it is only necessary to change the frame during the initial installation. Secondly, in order to lock the clamping clip for “ears” frame, you need to make a pretty good effort, because the clip is very tight.