by R. K. Bloom

Glossary of terms modern 3D

Glossary of terms modern 3D

Introduction. This dictionary has been created to explain the many 3D terms that you encounter. Each term was originally given in the English version, followed by the conventional translation and interpretation. We tried to make explanations as simple as possible and affordable, using analogies from everyday life and metaphor.

A3D (Aureal3D) – API, creates a 3D sound positioning and Doppler effect using only two speakers. Other implementations of 3D sound (hardware or software) are working with four or more speakers. Quite interesting is the fact that the A3D was created using algorithms developed by NASA. For what they were originally designed only guess. What is the practical value of A3D user? As a general rule, support for software implementation involves A3D sound in games and programs. This technology not only allows you to experience the location of a sound source in space (3D positioning) but also to estimate the source distance from the listener (Doppler effect). For example, when you approach a sound source in a 3D game, the sound gets louder as you move away – quietly. In real life, this effect is due to the divergence of the sound waves with distance from the source.

AC-3 – the technical term used in the standard surround sound Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound. AC-3 is an algorithm, laid out the audio stream into five separate channels, each channel is sent to my column. The more useful the AC-3? When you watch a movie on the big screen, it is the AC-3 surround sound makes. For example, in the movie “Speed” can be felt as the bus leaves from behind. In fact, the sound of a moving bus is gradually shifting from the rear speakers to the front. The algorithm is another way to create 3D sound. Technology Aureal3D has the same effect, but using less equipment. In general, “Dolby Surround” is the AC-3.

Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP), an accelerated graphics port – expansion bus developed by Intel for connecting the video card. Modern graphics cards often use this particular connector. While it is still available and PCI versions. What is the difference between the tires and PCI AGP? Judging by the speed, AGP CPU can send data to four times faster than PCI. 4X AGP frequency is 266 MHz, megahertz (the term “Mc” in the primitive sense means a unit rate of information processing and transmission). Although many modern cards are able to work with AGP 2X only on the speed (133 MHz), most motherboards already equipped with a 4X port. Most video cards and video cards are issued for two tires – AGP and PCI. AGP faster than PCI, which has a positive effect on performance. Before purchasing a graphics card, make sure that your computer bus AGP.

Accelerator, Accelerator, Accelerator – a card or a card that extends your computers capabilities. Usually it is a hardware solution that handles the signature. It frees the CPU. An example of such information may be considered the processing of video, audio or decoding DVD. Although the normal operation of the accelerator must use some CPU resources, yet is a sizeable increase in the speed and quality of performance accelerator problems. Imagine that your friend to do a lot of work before he can go to a party. If you give him a little help, you will act as an accelerator, and he – as the processor. The two most popular types of accelerators – and audiouskoriteli video accelerators. Often they combine sound and graphics. Almost every PC today has a video accelerator, 2D, 3D and 2D/3D together.

Algorithm, algorithm. In a nutshell – a sequence of actions to do something. The algorithms are used, for example, in algebra, or computer science. Suppose you need to fry an egg. To do this, buy the eggs, put the pan on the fire, beat eggs and pour them into a frying pan. This sequence is the algorithm.

Algorithmic Procedure Texturing, algorithmic procedural texturing – a way of rendering images with a virtually infinite detail. Simply put, imagine an algebraic formula, which allows to show the image on the screen with an infinite level of detail, limited only by the capabilities of the computer. To understand the operation, look at the definition of the algorithm. The word “procedural” means a sequence of actions. A “texturing” – its just creating an image with multiple properties.

Alpha-Blending, alpha blending – the creation of semi-transparent objects, the ability to specify a single pixel in an image or a special attribute that defines the look of an image: solid (does not transmit light), invisible (transparent), or translucent. Texture to be applied to an object that can contain in addition to information about the color (Red, Green, Blue), information transparency (Alpha). Depending on the magnitude of the coefficient Alpha various parts of the object acquire varying degrees of transparency, ie, when used in conjunction with polygons, alpha-blending can create glass, water or other elements of virtually transparent.

Typically mixing colors overlapping objects and translucent objects (with alpha transparency) is as follows: (alpha) * (a color value of the object with transparency) + (alpha-1) * (a color value of the object covered) for 0