by R. K. Bloom




Today we continue our series of articles on company equipment SMC Networks, and consider the device to provide secure shared access to the Internet. As you know, to create a wireless network and combining it with the wire, the best solution would be to use an access point. Of course, you can use other solutions, but it would be optimal. And what if in addition to the wireless network you need a wired network, Internet access, etc., and access to the Internet it is desirable that had been protected from so prevalent in recent internet attacks? To put the selected device? Purchase, setup and support – all this requires a fairly significant costs that can not afford to every organization. Stop! Maybe there are solutions that combine all that we need both: Switch, Internet access, firewall, wireless access point and DHCP server? In the setting of all the above using dedicated devices, you will spend much more time than setting the same on your all-in-one.

Recognizing the market need for such devices, network equipment manufacturers decided to fill this niche by creating these combined devices that combine everything you need to organize a small network with access to the Internet. Today the market offers a lot of devices of this plan, with varying degrees of integration. In any case, an alternative solution with a dedicated server is, in this case, in terms of installation and maintenance much less of a problem will arise, and therefore costs. However, it is natural that we will have to make some compromises. The use of such solutions suggests that the functionality will be limited, but for small networks, this is not a problem, especially since the cost in any case be significantly lower total cost of individual devices.


This time we tested got just such a device containing in itself all that is necessary for the implementation based on this small network with wired and wireless segments, as well as the ability to provide secure access to the Internet. An example of such a network can be illustrated by the following scheme:

As can be seen using SMC7004VWBR as a central device, you can build a network topology with a very interesting, because of the high integration of the device.

The design of this product is a traditional device for the company. Externally, the device is a medium-sized block of dark gray on the front panel, which are indicators that point to the active device and the back side – the two antennas, which can be rotated on two axes, which is convenient enough to increase the coverage area: there is no need to rotate the device itself, is enough to turn the antenna. Unfortunately, the device is not equipped with a connector for an external antenna, although at relatively low cost, there is nothing to be surprised. However, the existence of such a connector, in some cases to feel confident, and thus keeps the nerves. This is especially true for situations where you need to connect wireless devices at a great distance from each other, or with a strong attenuation of the signal in the building.

The indicators on the front panel are clearly visible for a sufficiently large viewing angle. For the LAN segment is present indicators point to a connection, the speed of the connection can be found on the basis of the color indicator. Also, there are indicators that point to the activity of the compounds, the wireless segment and WAN – one indicator, but they are sufficient to judge the operation. And one more indicator that indicates whether the device is enabled.

The rear panel of the device are located, except antennas, RJ-45 connectors: one for the WAN connection segment and four segments for the LAN. There is also a little recessed reset button. The device contains a 10/100 Mbps switch that works with segments of LAN. On the possibility of port mode Uplink to the documentation says nothing. But no cause for concern, and if you want to use a cable with a cross-crimping.

If you look at the bottom of the device – you can only see two labels, there is nothing more interesting to find it does not, except that the space for attaching the four legs, walking in the kit.


The router comes in a bright colorful packaging, made in the traditional style for SMC.

After opening the box you can find everything you need to install and configure the device. Except for the SMC 7004VWBR and power supply to it in the box also has a cable – Twisted pair category five straight crimp, which can always be useful, such a concern on the part of SMC should appeal to most users. Also in the kit includes four soft rubber feet for the router, a CD with user manual and software EZ 3 Click, a paper guide for installation and configuration, and warranty registration card. More in the box you will not be able to find anything, and is not necessary. The above is enough to set the device up and running with it, of course, provided that all the network cables are ready.