by R. K. Bloom

Review cooler Titan TWC-A04

Review cooler Titan TWC-A04

Company Titan known to many of our countrymen. It produces one of the few inexpensive products with very good performance.

In addition to CPU coolers, Titan produces even cooler for servers, video chips, case fans, including those made of aluminum or light, and of course, given the considerable level of heat latest processors – water cooling devices. One of these devices pre-production sample TWC-A04 company Titan courtesy of our site.


As I said, a sample cooler was pre-production, so theres no color packages, manuals, and other consumer tinsel. All ascetic and restrained. White cardboard suitcase-sized 40h30h14 centimeters and weighing about five pounds.

Of all the documentation is only a list of content in Chinese. With this language, I certainly do not know, therefore, had to understand who is who by the method of the Slovak professor at random. Well at least that some present in the list of numbers and latin symbols. The result set can be described as follows:

The main radiator unit with pump

The second heat sink with 80mm fan

Great waterblock for CPU

Small waterblock for the GPU



PCI-bracket for outdoor unit main radiator

A set of bindings for the processor platform 462/478/K8

Two mounting card (54.8 and 79.7 mm)

A pair of hoses 750 mm

A pair of hoses 550 mm

A pair of hoses 400 mm

Extension wires for power and thermocouple

Grease Stars-700 with 10% silver content

Spare bolts, screws, gaskets and hose clamps on the nozzle

“Scissors” to remove or install clamps.

I think we should describe in detail the most interesting parts.

The main radiator unit is a plastic box of gray-silver color size 14.5 x22, 5×8, 5 cm. On its front panel to the left to right: light coolant level, and above it a hole to fill / drain, then LCD monochrome display and a built-in fan speed regulator. Top and bottom of the designers put air gap.

The display with blue backlight displays temperature read from the sensor is a thermocouple. Below these are three more numbers: 50, 60 and 80. This, apparently, the current temperature conditions. Beneath the display, housed three buttons with the words: Set, Up and Down. The purpose of the numbers and buttons for me remains a mystery.

Clicking on them or what the results have not led. Already during the typesetting articles for the official website of Titan has information about this device. I wrote a number of things right. About the button it says something like this: They are designed to adjust the temperature threshold, above which should increase the fan speed on the secondary heatsink.

How it works is not clear, the radiator is only connected to the motherboard and has no connection with the main unit.

The regulator is also equipped with lights. Luminous ring around it changes its color from blue to purple depending on the speed exhibited. The more, the violet.

On the sides are screwed two metal plates with the words “Water Cooler” and “Titan” on a blue field. They serve to decorate when the unit is installed outside. If you plan to install it in five-inch bay, you will need to unscrew the plate.

On the back panel found a place on 4-pin power connector, as in CD-Rom, 2-pin thermocouple and two screw fitting on the pump, the top entry, the lower the output.

If the block to remove the plastic cover, you can see its internal structure. The air is sucked through the upper slit and passes over the upper radiator. Behind it is installed supercharger, which sucked the air from the top, bottom blowing radiator. Behind the front panel, between the two radiators is a small tank with a submersible pump type. In general, the design can be called the sound as the air flow passes through both radiators are not getting at the same time in the system unit.

Additional heat sink looks very similar to an ordinary cooler, only bigger size. Above the sink a fairly quiet 80 mm fan of blue plastic with five large blades. Located above the fan safety guard again with the emblem of “Titan”.

The bottom of both water-blocks is a massive copper plate with a polished surface to a shine. Directly on the plate heat exchanger was attacked by two unions. Unfortunately, the internal device I can not give any comment, since it can not parse. Likely to use traditional scheme with the channel-snake passing through the entire block from the union to union.