by R. K. Bloom

Intel Pentium4 Coolers Roundup. Q2 `2004

Intel Pentium4 Coolers Roundup. Q2 `2004

Gigabyte 3D Cooler Ultra (GH-PCU31-VH)

More recently, we tested the cooler Gigabyte GH-PCU21-VG (3D Cooler), which left several conflicting impressions. The main complaint against this cooler came down to the high costs, low productivity at the lowest speed (and at full speed – in a high noise level). As a result, the cooler occupied an intermediate position between “safe” and “productive” coolers, and the aggregate qualities, and lost both.

But in our laboratory, a new model – Gigabyte 3D Cooler Ultra (code GH-PCU31-VH), the main difference is that the copper edge (in the previous cooler fins are made of aluminum).

Before considering the cooler, briefly list the equipment:

Cooler Gigabyte 3D Cooler Ultra;

Fixture for motherboards Pentium4;

Hardware Motherboard for Athlon 64;

Fixture for motherboards Athlon XP (SocketA);

A tub of proprietary thermo paste;

Speed ??controller + plug on the rear panel;

Installation instructions for 10 (!) Languages;

Power supply adapter.

Compared with aluminum model – no change, except for small parts: a cap with the speed control is painted in golden color (small change, which emphasizes the higher status :) .

The design of the cooler has not undergone any changes. On the basis of copper found two curved “heat pipes”, which are strung on copper plates.

Contact the place of the tube and plate given special attention: it uses a ration. As a result of heat speed is not reduced, and after the launch of the “heavy” applications plates become hot in seconds.

Circulation of air between the fins provides a powerful turbine that is installed in the center of the cooler. Cold air is drawn in with an open top, and then goes through all the edges. Thus the total eliminated the “Achilles heel” of many coolers: dead zone (the area under the fan in which the movement of air minimum). Partly because of this mode of operation, the cooler was in the name of the prefix “3D”: the air is blown around in all directions.

Next – to change the speed regulator is used, which is set to 3 “stub. If you want the controller can be moved to the rear panel. For this purpose, the set includes one more plug.

The very first impression after the launch: the noise level has not changed. That is, at maximum speed comfortable work impossible. Personally, I was able to endure the noise, only after reducing the speed to 3000RPM (max speed: 4500RPM, lowest 2000RPM). With regard to the minimum speed, the cooler the work can hardly be called a fully silent (such as on the Zalman 7000). However, given the fact that the edges of Gigabyte 3D Cooler Ultra are made of copper, we can expect a significant increase in performance in quiet mode.

Go to the bottom of the cooler no complaints: the quality of treatment of 9 out of 10 points.

And to prevent scratches during transport, on the basis of a special sticker.

Once again I want to remind you that the cooler Gigabyte 3D Cooler Ultra installed on all the possible “desktop” system: Socket 478 (Pentium4), SocketA (Athlon XP) and Socket 754 939 (Athlon 64). Installation on each platform is intuitive. But if he wants an inexperienced user to install the cooler, then he will come to the aid of an illustrated manual (in 10 languages ??including Russian!).

Finally, following the computer models, Gigabyte engineers have installed four blue LEDs on the top of the cooler. As a result, the appearance of the product is much improved (though without LED cooler looks just great :) .

Conclusions: The release of the model without a doubt Ultra, Gigabyte will intrude into the dense ranks of the producers of high-end coolers. Considerations include: the maximum speed aluminum cooler Gigabyte 3D Cooler yielded only 2 degrees C leader Zalman 7000Cu. This means that all the copper, Gigabyte will be able to wrest the leadership (even at the expense of high noise). Also, the use of copper fins will maintain high efficiency in the range of velocities less than 3000 RPM, where the noise does not interfere with the work of a comfortable (and quite possibly to rival the Zalman 7000Cu in this area).

However, in the “performance” well see how our predictions come true.