by R. K. Bloom

Official Comment “Sibtsement” about the situation around Andrew Muravyov

“Indeed, the proposed candidate Andrei Muravyov company Parus Capital Opportunity Fund. It is certainly entitled to it, as has 2% of the shares of” HC “Sibtsem.” However, the statements of ex-president of our company, made in connection with this event, are an attempt to mislead the minority shareholders and are in the context of information attacks, taken against the holding in 2012-2013. “- The director of public relations of the” Siberian cement “Daria Martynkina.

In her opinion, “Mr. Ants made a number of populist statements. For example, he introduces minority misleading, arguing that, by becoming a member of the Board of Directors’ Sibtsema” can influence the timing of dividend payments. Meanwhile, the payment of dividends by the Board shall not Directors, the General Meeting of shareholders, which may send funds to the development of the company or to decide on the distribution of profits. ” Learn more about бодренков кемерово.

In recent years, holding “Siberian cement” has been active investment policy. “The shareholders decided to invest in the modernization of production and the rise of the holding in the market to reap great benefits in the future (together with the establishment of GC” Russian Technologies “” Russian cement company “, which currently owns 50.52% of shares of” Angarskcement “; acquisition of 10% shares of “Iskitimcement”, purchase and administration of the holding Company “Mining Company”, LLC “West Siberian Concrete Plant”, etc.). From January to October 2008 due to the global financial crisis, the price of cement fell by half, which inevitably led to a drop in profits, its market capitalization. Currently, however, the volume of consumption (but not for the price), the market has reached crisis level. According to our estimates, in 2013 the cement market SFO shows 5% increase. Most analysts give for shares “Siberian cement” recommendation to “hold” and “buy” – says Daria Martynkina.

Recall Ants Andrew served as President of the “HC” Sibtsem “from 2004 to 2008. During this period, as set out in the audit the legality of holding management in 2004-2008., Commissioned by the Board of Directors, a number of questionable management solutions, among which the most significant is the deal of “HC” Sibtsem “with Ciments Français.

“Moreover, Mr. Ants without hesitation gives the global financial crisis, during which the cost of cement has fallen sharply, and construction output declined, for the investigation of his departure from the” Sibtsema “, – says Dmitry Martynkina. – He blames the lack of transparency holding , which reports under IFRS and is open information policy. This is not the companies concerned by Mr. Ant. ”

In addition, a team of former top managers “Sibtsema” retired from the company at the same time with Andrew Muravyov entered into several loan agreements on behalf of the holding company and its subsidiaries. Total cost of these actions is estimated by experts in more than 150 million rubles. In particular, in April 2011, the Arbitration Court of the Kemerovo region sought with “Spike”, the founders of which were A. Ants and a former member of the Board of Directors of A. Kirikov, over 38.5 million rubles to OOO “Topkinsky cement” (subsidiary OJSC “HC” Sibtsem “), the court decision has come into force.