by R. K. Bloom

Holidays in Canada

Understanding of Canada in most people is limited knowledge about the large size of the country, about the appearance of the flag and a few of well-known characters. While most tourists do come to Canada to study the possibility seduced her extensive territories, natural attractions and enjoy a quiet rural charm, yet in Canada is not only maple trees, Niagara Falls and the wide open spaces.

Connection of national traits of indigenous peoples, the French and British traditions of a unique three-dimensional national. Add to this the influence of U.S. culture, the introduction of elements of European immigrants, Asian and Latin American culture – and you get the idea of ​​a multicultural society, which is still in the process of self-identification. Learn more about Ontario Cottages. Those who expect to see the continuation of the United States to Canada, will be disappointed in their assumptions have when entering the country, the location in the north of the continent, contributing to the formation of distinctive national features, diversity of peoples inhabiting the vast territory – all of this has created something quite different from its southern neighbor .