by R. K. Bloom

Reasons for the popularity of flash games

Development and improvement of computer technology attracted to the fact that today you can entertain yourself with a computer game, anytime. And to make it possible not only for the PC or laptop: tablets, consoles, mobile devices – now there are few applications where the manufacturers have not provided the opportunity to virtual entertainment.
Modern simulators and shooters have achieved high levels of realism and immersion, and the budgets of some gaming innovations are comparable to the budgets of American blockbusters. But it is interesting to note that while the graphics and gaming capabilities provide unprecedented realism, stable demand and ordinary games, for the establishment of which is Flash-technology. They are small, fairly simple and short. However, there are no less, and sometimes even more popular. What is the cause of such a high demand among the players? And the reason for this is not one.
First, free flash games are often more accessible to children than conventional computer action games. Adults often limit access to the daughters and sons of virtual entertainment, to avoid making gambling. In addition, the PC is simply not able to run modern games because the system requirements are constantly increasing, and change components to newer is not always possible. Flash games, on the contrary, not demanding system. Learn more about online flash games free.
Second, these small games: dress up, shooting games, Winx games, etc. – do not require a lot of time. Modern full PC game, however, usually requires at least an hour of time on the passage of a pair of levels. Flash drive as this will select only 5 – 10 minutes, and the pleasure of beating the game the user will receive no less.
Third, flash games have much more variety. If standing game projects appear quite rare, well, once a month, then stick packs are available on a daily basis, and it turns out that you can entertain yourself every day a new game is not spending much time on it.
Finally, Flash-technology is simple to learn and it can contribute to the development of adolescent interest in developing similar products, game design and programming technique. So mere entertainment in the form of passing simple computer games can be the basis for choosing a future profession, there are cases when the fans of these games are full of developers and programmers.