by R. K. Bloom

What is Russia’s business in terms of common sense?

Here lives a large family – parents, children, grandchildren. They live together, work together, eat together, rest together. Built a house, to get our economy, built Coy which technique, each working on their powers and abilities in the garden, in the house, in workshops, etc. The small funds that aside for a rainy day – under the control of the head of the family.

Old grandfather, in hard times could keep the kids and the house, which raised a strong family farm, dies. Grandchildren grow up and slowly begin to complain – that’s what we like hard labor plow, do not see a white light, when out of the river, on the bank of the boys smoke cigarettes Kent and Java on a motorcycle Harley Davidson ride?

1. Misha found in the garage parental stocks diesel fuel for planting and began to slowly push them across the river – now goes before the brothers with an important air, cigarette smoke and Kent quietly on the bike Harley Java saves money.
2. Volodya was found in a closet parent silver spoons and also pushes the river. Now he smokes Camel cigarettes, and also to Java Harley saves money. Learn more aboutStart business in Russia.
3. Oleg – the guy with intelligence, “Children’s Encyclopedia” reads! Found in Bata in the studio high-capacity electrolytic capacitors! Electricity charges them sneaking out of the socket, and the river! Very well there capacitors take – a thriving business, good for a song in the electricity outlet.
3. Petka Grishka also smoke Kent hunt, and how to get it? They took Misha few packs of cigarettes in duty, gutted them and kid single cigarettes vparivayut: steal copper wire from the house – get a cigarette, and merge with the tractor Bathymetric canister Solarium – get two. Petya returned to Grishka Misha debts with interest, matured themselves now with Zarechnev business leads.
5. Senka with Vaska nothing sensible could not come up with – they are now wealthy brothers shoes cleaned, dishes washed them. And do not forget their brothers – they throw up on cigarettes a day.
6. Sisters brothers embroiled in these matters, there is lewdness started, talk nasty.

And they do not live very long and not very happy. And almost all have died in a single day of his death.