by R. K. Bloom

Informative style and editing text

Write all the text. Even if the company has no editor, someone is engaged with: a marketer, designer, client web studio manager, layout and sometimes programmer. Unfortunately, good design will not save a weak text.

The course focuses on the strong text: the concise, informative and clear. Participants learn how to select information, to structure deals, throw unnecessary words and seek clarity. Increase the confidence of the reader and sell goods.

The course demonstrates the technique of editing in the style of Kung Fu. It helps to convert text in a verbose clerical interesting message. The basis of this technology – techniques of “spin” of the text and the phase of restructuring. Participants practiced on texts online stores promostranits and user interfaces.

Certain parts of the course are devoted to the principles of linear and parallel presentation, spreadsheet and make specific types of text. Learn more about order editing and proofreading services.

The course expands to three days to fit in the answers to all the questions that arose in the first year of implementation. Each day consists of lectures and practical part. The first day is dedicated to uncompromising editing someone else’s text, the second – the confidence of its own creation, and the third – the usefulness of advertising texts.

Expanded the topic of the structure of text, lists, promostranitsah, text interfaces audience advertising methods advertising text.

New themes: text reader in the world, the rhythm, the ban and request, the text in your system, use in advertising, the personality and emotions of the author, “pickling line,” smart guarantee tricks the editor.

The course is addressed to all those who work with the text websites, brochures, reports, proposals and emails.