by R. K. Bloom

Cloud technology – “Swiss” version

Cloud genie out of the bottle – by 2015, cloud infrastructure will be 3 billion users, they will be 15 billion connected devices, and the volume of information circulating in the clouds, will double every two years. All this has caused confusion leading IT players – some rushed to create their own cloud-based proprietary technology, others said that nothing happens, and they are ready to solve any problem of clouds, while others have focused on Open Source. According to Kamil Isaev, Director General of Research and Development at Intel Russia, no one company alone can not cope with the amount of cloud data and respond to emerging issues – proprietary technology can not adapt to a variety of changes. Clouds are a lot of challenges to the IT industry: reducing the response time to changes (time of service) requirement theoretically infinite scalability both in performance and in terms of storage, quick elimination of bottlenecks and inconsistencies, ensuring reliability and security configurations based on proactive analysts. Learn more at

If by 2015, according to Isaev, yet will remain private and public cloud, then the industry will enter the era of “public cloud”, characterized by interoperability, based on open standards, multi-vendor solutions and industry standards. Among its tasks, the path of motion to that era Intel calls primarily monitoring and identification of user needs, ensuring a safe, reliable and unified platform, optimized for cloud problem, as well as active participation in the ecosystem, which unites all members of modern cloud movement. The company “Mirantis” received funds from Intel Capital, WestSummit Capital of China and Dell Ventures $ 10 million to double the size of its engineering departments in the CIS engaged in technology development platform OpenStack. These investments, Isayev said, are just the part of the motion of the corporation to “public cloud.” While the focus of the joint work three areas: data center energy management package with Intel Data Center Manager, optimization of networks based on the concept of software-configurable network (Software-Defined Networking, SDN), the use of Apache Hadoop platform for deploying cloud-based technologies and products OpenStack Intel.

Initiated by the hosting provider RackSpace and NASA, OpenStack project to build cloud solutions gradually grown into a global community of programmers, developers are busy creating a standardized cloud open source OS. “The main idea OpenStack – originally set up on the basis of all open source software specifically for cloud environments, – Alexander Friedland, Chairman of the Board of Directors’ Mirantis.” – With the current exponential growth of data, bandwidth and computational performance commercial products are not viable, and even a partial closure products Open Source, for example shells Linux, tie users to a particular manufacturer. ”

Community features OpenStack, combining currently about six thousand members, including AT & T, RackSpace, HP, IBM, Red Hat, Intel, Dell, – to act as an umbrella brand and manage software development projects, open source, licensed under the Apache 2.0. In other words, take the market demand solutions, packing them into the shell based on open standards and include cloud platform. All this makes it similar to the OpenStack Foundation Apache, all the more so with Dell and Intel, “Mirantis” established a foundation OpenStack Foundation, whose mission – to guide the development of platforms as clouds and promote the growth of the ecosystem and OpenStack. At the moment “Mirantis” helps 30 to their customers (including NASA, service support business communications Cisco WebEx, the payment system PayPal, computing systems NASA, AT & T) to deploy cloud solutions industry. On Russian clients has not yet officially announced.

The lack of compatibility between different cloud systems developers – one of the main obstacles to the widespread use of clouds, especially in the corporate environment, and using OpenStack, as expected, any organization can deploy their own cloud. However, a prerequisite of this – the independence of such a fund to support the platform from any manufacturer. According to Friedland, “Mirantis” and OpenStack Foundation is now a kind of Switzerland in the IT world, interacting with everyone at the same time they remain independent. The fund is not the predominant influence of any one player of the IT market.