by R. K. Bloom

Who hire for contracting work to create a site.

So, your company is aware of the need to establish a representative office in the internet.
Congratulations! You have taken another step in the development of your business.
Now you need to decide on one more important question: “To entrust the design of the site?”

How to understand the variety of terms web-design? How to get a reasonable value for money of the future Internet project? And maybe even not to spend money to create a website and to cope on their own?

If You are looking for answers to these questions, then this article is written for you …

When creating a site, you have two alternatives:

develop a site on its own;
call in a professional studio.

Consider the pros and cons of each option in more detail.

Option 1. Development of the site on their own.

This option is selected the company in an attempt to save money.

With him begins the vast majority of attempts to conquer the Internet. And he has several varieties.

Option: “programmer’s Economy”

Site created by the programmer (system administrator, etc.) of your company. In reaching this decision the head says: “Why do we have somewhere to go if we have a great programmer (or even a whole department)? After all, I pay him a good salary … and in their functional duties, he is not particularly loaded! Well, what is there for him to develop a website? Learn more about free website builder.

Perhaps the only advantage of the development of the site to your programmer is financial savings.

Now consider the disadvantages of this option:

Your website design will play (in fact very rare specialists, on the same level with expertise in the administration of the network and know the secrets of web design).
Your programmer will be distracted from their immediate duties.
Since the creation of the site was imputed to the programmer as a socially useful load, hardly anyone will be commissioned to study the most modern management language for the site. In most cases, development of the site will be used ready-site builder, which as a tie to your logo design, and for the allocation of resources will find free web hosting.
Problems can arise when you are aware of the need to further promote your site. Created in haste resources problematic in progress.
Still your programmer hardly see to it that the site was a dynamic (ie not editable through the code, and a management information system on the site).
Now imagine the situation: Your programmer for some reason left the composition of your glorious workforce. It threatens the company that you, along with an invaluable professional can lose your web site. And even if his successor sincerely wants to change (well, for example, a new phone number, the address of your new business), he may not get it. Any programmer will tell you that there is nothing worse than to understand someone else’s code.

Option: “Economical design”

In principle, this kind of previous version. Only adjusted for the fact that it is typical for companies close to the field of design and advertising. When it is selected generally assume the position: “We are professionals in the field of design, programming. What paint booklets, corporate identity design, configure the software in large corporations … What should we make a site?

Finally, we obtain the pros and cons of the previous version. In this case, the design is very similar to printing the booklet and often suffer navigation and content management system. Again, the site will in most cases not suitable for promotion.

Option: “Economy charity”

As a developer site in this case is the student, who is also the nephew of the director, the son of the chief marketer, a relative of someone employees …

Yes, he’s a cute boy. Programmable in 5 years. Knows all languages. And as their course work (sometimes for a nominal fee) is ready to develop the best of the web-site of your company.

As in previous cases, you will receive a free site (or relatively free).

For the young enthusiast Your online resource is likely to be “breakdown of the pen.” He can not offer professional ideas on how to make the site interesting for your customers. He did not know of the existence of professional usability and promotion methods of Internet solutions. After all, he is a student of technical department, where items such as marketing just do not learn. So do not be surprised if you hear, “You are all I write, draw, prepare, make up … and I’ll post later in the network.” And suddenly disappear … and it happened by a strange coincidence when you have an urgent need to change on the site, for example, a price list. Finally, phoned to him constantly disconnected cell phone, you hear: “Sorry, I am now the session and an exam tomorrow, so while I can not help you.”

Again, in terms of promoting your site is not ranking contender in leaders Yandex.

Option 2. Development of the site in a professional studio.

I must say that this version is different from the previous one, which requires an investment of financial resources. This is often regarded as its disadvantage. Yes, the site will cost you more than a resource created on their own.

Why, you get not just a service offering information on the Internet, and open new opportunities for your business. Just specify below discusses the advantages the site is developed in a professional studio. And then I must say that the studios are different (how to choose a studio – a topic for another article.)

Yes, a quality site, as well as a qualitative thing, do not be cheap. Why? Indeed, on its creation is a team of professionals. And professionals should receive for their work deserved reward.

This option is selected companies who understand that the image is not worth saving. That investments in creating a professional website that will pay off and bring profit. That the company will receive a constant flow of new customers and partners.
1. Entrusting the development of a site for professionals, you get website designed to the specific needs of your company. You will not have extra parts that are beginning saytostroiteli simply can not remove from the ready-made solutions.
2. You will have the assurance that, looking through Internet resources, you will not run into a clone of your site in the network. Professional studios can afford to staff a professional web designer. The site will have a unique web design, designed especially for you.
3. Your site will have a comfortable control structure. This is very important in our fast-paced life. With it, you’ll be able to edit the information on the site – to write news, replace a photo or text. Although if you wish updating information can be engaged in studio specialists.
4. Your site will be user friendly. That is, it will be easy to navigate, and visitors will be on it comfortably. They will be able to quickly find the information for which and came to the site. Page and photos will be loaded quickly without losing the quality. Correct from the point of view of convenience will be matched colors, font, and text is so that they most effectively perceived from the screen.
5. In professional studios you will get a working site “turnkey”. After you will be offered a selection and registration of a domain name, and make a plan of promotion (promotion) of your resource network.

In this paper we examine the pros and cons of different options for the site. The choice, of course, up to you. Consider expected.