by R. K. Bloom

Comparison coolers SocketA. Q1 `2004

Comparison coolers SocketA. Q1 `2004


Recently, we tested all the most popular coolers for processors SocketA:

Cooler P4: Q4 `2003

Cooler AMD: Q4 `2003

Cooler P4: Q3 `2003

Cooler AMD: Q3 `2003

This platform is already moving toward the sunset, which, however, will not begin until 2005. This means that at least one year, AMD will supply processors for this socket, and other manufacturers – motherboards and coolers.

As for the coolers, then across a variety of different models, the choice of the user virtually none. The developers have not been able to create a cooler with a balanced performance (efficiency, low weight, low noise). Moreover, the main criticism is related to the level of noise that most coolers remains unacceptably high mark. It is this option we will pay the same attention as the cooling efficiency. And all the other parameters (weight, dimensions, mounting scheme, the quality of treatment, etc) only to give estimates.

Today we look at three coolers manufactured by Spire, a new line of Igloo 2510 coolers and a brand new cooler Titan CU9TB/SC.

Titan CU9TB/SC

The company Titan is a very large manufacturer of cooling devices. The main activity is the production of cheap coolers. But in a sector of the company to provide high-performance cooler is practically nothing. The only product that could lay claim to this place was cooler CU5TB.

However, despite the low price (less than 400rub) and fully copper heatsink with a spectacular aluminum fan, this cooler is not won the love of users. The main problem was the high level of fan noise. So enjoy the cooler so it was only possible with speed control, which had to be purchased separately.

And most recently, the company presents to the Titan to the public a new model: Titan CU9TB/SC, which will hopefully fix all the shortcomings of its predecessor.

The cooler is packed in a large box and carefully wrapped in foam. Besides it has a tube in the box with the famous “pasta-silver” (not recommend), and speed control (highly recommended). The presence of the speed controller – this is a big step forward compared to CU5TB.

Externally, the cooler is very beautiful: a copper heat sink inside the shiny metal casing to which a fan of transparent plastic. Fan blades are painted blue, but in fact there is a plastic fan guard.

It should be noted that the fastening clip has a hook for all the six teeth of the CPU socket. Brace quite elastic, so no problems during installation does not arise.

However during the installation you must use improvised tools – a screwdriver.

With regard to the processing quality of the base, then by this criterion, the production of Titan coolers were always among the leaders. Was no exception CU9TB: base is polished to a mirror shine (1010 points).

And to protect against scratches and oxidation, glued to the base plastic film.

Now carefully look at the fan. It has a maximum speed = 4200 RPM (minimum 1800 RPM). The air flow = 42.08 CFM (18.03CFM), and

the noise level does not exceed 36dBa ( 20dBa).

In practice, the fans showed excellent acoustical characteristics in normal mode noise was very tolerable. A speed reduction to a minimum, fan noise completely disappeared!

The favorable impression of this cooler is dissipated like smoke after the first test. The cooler has shown very poor performance: 6 degrees C worse than its predecessor CU5TB! A thorough search revealed the reason: it turns out Titan engineers have gone on a vicious ways to reduce costs. In particular the fins are not soldered to the base, as in CU5TB, and glued some thermal interface (which judging by the results of rather low quality).

This fact is almost completely wiped out all of the positive side of the cooler. As a result, this cooler might be interested in only a weak processor users, seeking to quiet operation of the system unit.