by R. K. Bloom

Hi-End coolers: Results of 2005

Hi-End coolers: Results of 2005

Results in 2005

The main trend of the outgoing 2005 is widespread

heat pipes in the design of air coolers. It is through these tubes

it is possible to create the appropriate cooling devices

heat dissipation of modern processors. By the way, the power consumption of processors

constantly increasing and this pattern is unlikely to be broken in the near future.

On the one hand, the increase in clock speeds almost stopped, but a new way of CPU

consists of multiple cores. Already in stores you can buy dual-core

processors from Intel and AMD.

Perhaps the most interesting coolers in terms of efficiency, to date,

are the Gigabyte G-Power and

Thermaltake Big Typhoon. In addition, today we look at two very interesting cooler: Zalman 9500LED and Titan Vanessa L-type.

Zalman 9500LED

The newest cooler Zalman 9500LED was announced at the beginning of the year and took over

from the previous high-end models Zalman 7700Cu. The need for a new cooler came immediately

After widespread coolers with heat pipes. As a result, Zalman 7700Cu

gradually began to lose ground in the ranking of the coolers. But with the release of the model 9500LED,

The situation must change and return to the leaders of the Zalman. How they did it,

we now see.

The cooler is packed in cardboard and plastic box:

In it, apart from the cooler, we found a set of fasteners (including plastic frame for the socket LGA775),

Fan speed controller, wires to it, as well as detailed installation instructions.

With the fixture, the cooler simply installed on all

popular systems (AMD Socket939 (940) and Socket754, Intel LGA775 and Socket478). Speed ??Controller

called FAN MATE 2 is attached to it extension cable and a piece of double-sided adhesive tape.

With this control, we can change the fan speed in the range of

1350 RPM to 2600 RPM. In this case, the noise level varies from 18.0 dB to 27.5 dB. That is, at minimum

rate of the cooler works perfectly quiet (this is true).

The cooler itself has a very original design.

From the copper base is published three heat pipes, which are twisted into a figure eight.

This is best seen from this angle:

The tubes pass through a large number of thin copper plates, which they transmit heat.

By the way, the total surface area of ??the radiator is 3698 square meters. cm, and weight of the cooler is 530 grams.

The processing quality of the base is quite high, but up to the level mirrored surface far:

Also worth emphasizing is quite compact cooler.

Its length is 85 mm, width – 112 mm, height – 125 mm. As a result, the installation will not occur

no problems with the lock (or conflict), other system components (such as modules

memory, the fan on the chipset or video card).

By the way, the installation procedure is quite simple and do not take the garbage difficulties.

Established cooler is as follows:

Also worth noting is that the cooler is working very effectively lit with blue LEDs

are set for the fan:


Quiet operation at minimum speed;

Excellent appearance;

Easy to install;

The presence of the speed controller;

Compact size;

Compatible with all popular platforms.


High price.