by R. K. Bloom

Cheap and effective Foxconn coolers for LGA 775 and Socket 478

Cheap and effective Foxconn coolers for LGA 775 and Socket 478

The company Foxconn, more recently, who decided to settle in all the niches of the computer market, today announced a new line of coolers for processors Intel Pentium 4/Celeron. As a world-renowned manufacturer of a large number of computer hardware, Foxconn is actively promoting its brand in Europe and, above all CIS countries. Already, the companys products can be found in almost any computer store, whereas in the beginning of last year, hardly anyone knew Foxconn, a manufacturer of motherboards, cases, or coolers. Rapid growth in popularity of the companys products contribute to an established process for production of new products, which (from the field cooling) and the subject of this paper.

So, in our hands got three coolers for processors with LGA775 socket Socket478. For the first two models are presented – Foxconn CMI-775-1S, and CMI-775-4B. It is commendable that the company does not forget about the outdated Socket478, releasing yet another budget model with a slow fan at 2000 r / min – Foxconn CMI-34-1S.

But enough words, lets move on to the immediate consideration of all the models and the most interesting moment – testing.

Cooler Foxconn CMI-775-1S (NBT-CMI 7751SX-C).


Model Foxconn CMI-775-1S is a product of the lower price range. Included with the cooler you can find installation instructions and a syringe with thermal grease. By the way, the efficiency of thermal interface standard, we plan to test separately.

The radiator fan is completely made of aluminum, including the core and the contact area. This design borrowed from the boxed cooler Intel, only in the case of Intel, the manufacturer sets a copper core.

On the radiator fan manufactured by Martech. Fan speed is 2000 rev / min. In our case, the fan is spinning at a speed of 2100 rev / min.

Rather, it is convenient that the fan is removable, and the mounting is a snap without the use of bolts. Universal mount allows the fan to install the different parties, thereby changing the direction of the air blowing / blowing.

Mounting the motherboard standard. You need to get legs in a special mounting holes on the board and each push until it clicks. Removing the fan by turning the legs counter-clockwise.

Cooler Foxconn CMI-775-4B (NBT-CMI 7754BX-C).


Model CMI-775-4B is an improved version of the previous cooler Foxconn CMI-775-1S. In particular, for the efficient removal of heat to the radiator integrated copper core. The surface of the work area carefully handled.

Fan production Martech can now unwind up to 2500 rev. / Min. However, he uses a 4-pin connector that allows you to adjust the speed of rotation of the impeller, reducing noise when the system is not loaded demanding applications. Note that the monitoring is fully vested on the motherboard.

Complete set includes the cooler, thermal grease, and instructions.

Mounting the motherboard in a similar way, but that with the removal of CMI-775-4B, we encountered some difficulties. The fact is that when we unscrew all the legs, one of them trivial to remove the jammed and the cooler with the board, we had to use a special tool. As they say, do not scrap against the administration. But it should be noted that the re-installation and dismantling of CMI-775-4B has not caused complaints.