by R. K. Bloom

Comparison of CPU coolers for Pentium4 Q4 `2003

Comparison of CPU coolers for Pentium4 Q4 `2003

Appearance of the first core processors with Prescott, has once again revealed that the problem of heat more and more of impedes further growth in clock speeds. In general, if we speak properly, the main problem is the increase in “leakage” and the high heat is a consequence of this phenomenon. However, the problem remains the same: the need for effective cooling will be facing each buyer computer in 2004.

Moreover, if the computer enthusiast can afford $ 30-40 a cooler, then the budget standard user on the cooler, at best, provides $ 10. Moreover, this amount is for a user wants (and will do the right) is completely silent cooling.

By capturing these trends, cooler manufacturers have become more and more attention paid to a cooler with variable speed fan. In particular, we now consider

three of these coolers: FSP, Igloo Diamond 4200 and a new version of “boxed” cooler.

Then – to improve the cooling efficiency, manufacturers are increasingly used copper and copper alloys. However, we must bear in mind that the CPU is Pentium4 has a copper heat spreader, so much efficiency gains can be expected.

FSP CPU Cooler

This cooler is part of the corporate set “FSP Silent-Solution Kit”.

Externally, the cooler makes a good impression: the fan and the radiator frame the same color.

The cooler is equipped with a tube of thermal paste, the bounding box of the CPU socket and the reinforcement plate. The latter is needed to prevent bending of the motherboard.

Multiple fins are completely made of aluminum, but the base – copper.

The processing quality of the base is quite secondary, if not worse. However, for the Pentium4 coolers is not the most important factor.

To prevent oxidation of copper, the base is covered with a thin layer of nickel. This is easily satisfied with the drill :) .

As a fan, it has one interesting feature: an unusual bending of the blades, which, according to the designs of engineers is to reduce the noise level.

In addition, the fan has a variable speed, which depends on the temperature inside the case. The corresponding thermal sensor located near the rotor.

Thus, the fan has a speed of 3500RPM, the maximum air flow is 29.8CFM. The level of noise does not exceed 30 dBa. More precise specifications could not be obtained because the companys website indicates only a brief specification of the cooler. However, it is not surprising: the companys main products are FSP – a variety of power supplies.

During testing, we noted a rather distinctive sound of the rotor, which can be heard even at the minimum speed.

With the installation and removal of any cooler is no problem: iron hardware is flexible enough. In general we can say that this is a classic cooler for Pentium4, which, however, has some advantage over the “boxed” (copper base and a more user-friendly hardware).