by R. K. Bloom

Cooler Gigabyte Neon7-Pro

Cooler Gigabyte Neon7-Pro

Platform AMD SocketA living out its last days. It is easy to see that the last time was not announced any new motherboard (motherboard on nForce2 MCP-S has not appeared on the market :)

no new processor (series Sempron – does not count, it is relabeled Thoroughbred and Barton :) , and no one except for the cooler Gigabyte Neon7-Pro. And the fish and cancer bezrybe :) ).

The cooler is packed in a cardboard box of medium size.

Besides the cooler, the equipment includes a sheet of installation instructions, a packet of thermal paste (like bags of pasta, we did not test) and speed control.

The cooler itself makes a positive impression:

The massive aluminum heatsink has a copper insert in the base.

The processing quality of the base is quite decent. And to prevent scratches on the basis there is a protective sticker.

The cooler has a retaining clip with a hook for all six tooth socket. A collector will need to install the driver with a thin tip.

It should be noted that the clamping force during the installation is quite large. But as a result of the cooler is sitting perfectly still weighing 410gr on the processor.

A special attraction of the cooler gives a non-standard 94mm fan, which is made of blue plastic. Moreover, translucent plastic with multicolored shimmer. In addition, the fan has a backlight, which is as follows:

To connect the fan speed regulator. Due to the last speed limit varies from 1700RPM to 3400RPM. When the noise level varies from 19dBa to 38.5dBa, and the maximum air flow is 64.85CFM. Note that this fan is powerful enough, so its power is 4-pin Molex-connector (such as hard drives).

In conclusion, I note that the noise level remained well within limits. However at the lowest speed it could be heard (obviously more 19dBa), but average speeds can be quite comfortable to work with. With regard to high speed, then unfortunately the noise level is quite high.

Now look at the effectiveness of the cooler Gigabyte Neon7-Pro.

Thus, even at the lowest speed the cooler Neon7-Pro copes well with an overclocked processor Barton. In a fast (and noisy) modes, it is almost as popular with the copper cooler Titan Cu5TB. As compared with the cooler

Gigabyte 3D Cooler, then there can be no comparison :) . This is a completely different weight categories at the lowest speed 3D Cooler cools better than Neon7-Pro at the maximum.

For final output you need to know the retail price of the product, which is still unknown. But now we can say that Gigabyte Neon7-Pro is the Mighty cooler that can cool the processor as any SocketA at standard frequencies as well as during acceleration.

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