by R. K. Bloom

Samsung YP-T10 and YP-P2: a fresh look at todays MP3-player

Samsung YP-T10 and YP-P2: a fresh look at todays MP3-player

A couple of years ago on the issue, which the manufacturer to prefer the choice of MP3-player, Samsung has barely been considered. A worthy competitor to the players NEXX, iRiver, or iPod, it was not. But since then the situation has changed radically. New products from Samsung are beginning to be popular, as in the compact class cost devices, and among the elite players mnogofunktsialnyh, attracting the attention of potential buyers at a glance.

An excellent proof of this is the latest generation of MP3-players of the manufacturer, two of which now come into our test lab – a model YP-T10 and YP-P2. The first relates to the middle class that has a high level of functionality and versatility, executed in accordance with all fashion trends, but without the frills. The second player belongs to the image building top-class, in which each separate function should be brought to perfection.

Interestingly, both models, despite its different positioning, are touch-sensitive controls. Moreover, even in the budget last generation of Samsung players, such as the YP-U3, buttons are touch sensitive. This is the fun, but … Touch control for many is not the best alternative to the most common buttons with a short course, after working with touch player “blindly” virtually impossible. In addition, it is almost always requires a mandatory lock, which also adds comfort. So the complete abandonment of the traditional mechanical buttons deprives the company of potential buyers.

Samsung YP-T10


The player comes in a stylish plastic box with additional inserts inside. Through the transparent cover, you can admire your purchase is on the way home. Making the box is beyond praise – a rival from Samsung on this issue is perhaps that iPod.

But T10 is extremely modest equipment: in-ear headphones, data cable, user manual yes. Actually, the set must be even and a CD with software, but for some reason he forgot to put in a box, although the T10 came to us in the “battle” sealed, ready for sale.

Design and appearance

New made in familiar form-factor player iPod Nano. In terms of body size seems to be just perfect – it fits the hand and does not seem overly brittle due to a sufficient thickness. At first glance it looks like a rectangular T10, but if you look closely, it is easy to see that the short ends of the shell are beveled, and one of the sections of T10 is a parallelogram rather than a rectangle. This small device attaches to the course design firm little charm, which, however, is enough to look bored novelty.

Almost all of the rear plane side faces, and even the lower part of the front panel engraved with the logo of the company are made of black painted aluminum. Well, the front panel, the upper end, and insert in the bottom of the case – plastic, with the front panel – from translucent black gloss plastic that looks flawless and incredibly stylish but until then, until the player was in his hands. Next on the surface appear fingerprints, dirt, and, eventually, small scratches. Unfortunately, it is inevitable, so players can look like more or less decently long time only in a very neat people.

Some justification for the T10 is already glued to its front surface protection film which covers not only the display, and touch control unit underneath. The latter consists of seven standard keys, backlit with white LEDs and backlighting at the expense of black beige cover seems a bit muted. What a special elegance adds that when you click on it goes for a split second and then slowly turns again.

In addition to the basic sensory block on the player there is only one control button provided in the form of sliding the slider at the same time responsible for the power on / off and lock the player. It is located on the right side. The button is quite narrow, but because much of it rises above the plane of the body, working with her is not working.

Reset Button Reset is located on the rear surface.

Well, the holes for attaching neck strap, microphone, headphone jack (mini-jack 3,5 mm) and an interface connector is compact focused on the bottom of the player. Interface connector for connecting to a computer, unfortunately, is not represented by a standard miniUSB, a proprietary design that places some restrictions on the operation.

To build quality and workmanship of all elements of the case does not undermine T10: parts fit together perfectly, did not falter and did not play, even a little bit. In addition, the materials the player very pleasant to the touch – feels that the hands are not holding a plastic toy, but an expensive stylish device.

In general, the design of T10, while not revolutionary, but the firm has attracted some elements of originality, and just a pleasant appearance.

The player in the

We have tested T10 firmware version 1.15 EU, you can always update yourself with the manufacturers website. The player turns on quickly, in about seven seconds. From the first seconds of contact with all the novelty attracts attention at once to his study and the quality of the display image on it. Strikes and the presence of various small parts in the design of the menu. One can safely say that the visual design of the T10 program did their best.

Well, TFT-display itself has a diagonal of 2 “at a resolution of 240×320 pixels, which provides very high image clarity. In addition, the display has a decent viewing angles and a high level of maximum brightness. But the range of brightness, unfortunately, is extremely small. Watch Movies in such a nice screen (as can be seen quite small parts), but not comfortable (as a small display at the same time have to have almost under his nose).

In the design of the menu, there are three different topics, two of which are similar in style, and one (core) are strongly distinguished from the traditional framework. This animated theme worked out most strongly by the manufacturer – every detail brought just did to perfection. Among others, it stands out that has a rather effervescent appearance, the main “chip” which is a cartoon dog. She then plays the guitar, then jumps, then calmly listening to music. In general, living in a player of his full canine life as seen by the developers of Samsung. All around the dog and is decorated in the same cartoon style – high quality and with humor.

Of course, many such merry interface can not come to taste. For them, the manufacturer has provided two slightly dissimilar variants, decorated in classic dark shades. I am particularly pleased that with the change of style in the menu is changing everything – even the items are arranged in different ways. Separately, the user can set one of three fonts, and (for two additional subjects) is also the basic color hue. Even considering that the two additional themes worked out in terms of detailed delineation is not as thoroughly as the basic, customizable interface design will yield a T10 unless the PDA or communicator, where they have no restrictions.

Well, it should be noted separately switchable sound design. When performing certain actions the player produces a variety of sounds that will simply delight your ears. There is in them something futuristic and yet very melodic. The first time, even amazed how much they differ from kondovo, sounds pretty gross Windows.

In other words, the interior of T10 is beyond praise, and in many respects superior design of the interface from the same iPod.

Features news, if not amaze the user, then at least to satisfy the vast majority. While the menu itself is designed in a not too familiar. By the way … While the interface is completely Russified and Russified rather high, the names of the main points from its membership to cartoon picture written Latin and do not vary with the choice of other languages. Here are the main menu: Music, Videos, Pictures, FM Radio, Datacasts (download branded podcasts), Prime Pack, File Browser, Bluetooth, Settings.

Not very intuitive at first glance, Prime Pack the item is none other than the page with a text player and voice recorder. Apparently, these functions are made as a separate item, because its contents may vary depending on the version of firmware.

Office of the touch sensitive keys were pleasantly surprised. Even with a glued on top of a protective film operation perfectly clear. Of course, adherents of the traditional buttons, it will still have no taste because of specific deficiencies (inability to control blindly need to lock, confirming the absence of mechanical pressing, etc.), but the fact that Samsung has realized it better than others – it is a fact . The closest competitor in this matter only Apple.


According to its superior audiovozmozhnostyam T10 top models from Apple or Creative, and tends to catch up with less weighty players in the market of producers who are forced to attract a buyer of high functionality. From new product provides support for audio formats MP3, WMA (including DRM), OGG and AAC. In the first two formats, displays any tags that are written as Cyrillic and Latin. There is also a mode of displaying album art during playback.

The choice of music is possible by artist, genre, playlists, etc. Sound settings for T10 also abound: ten preset equalizer modes (Normal, Studio, Rock, Classical, Jazz, Ballad, Club, Rhythm & Blues, Dance, Concert Hall) and a user with manual settings. In addition, the player has a set of 3D and Bass, and customizable features noise suppression, “Street” and “Clarity.” Few manufacturers provide a wide range of settings.

The lack of a music player seen only one – T10 is not suitable for the amateur audiobooks, because not able to set bookmarks.

Established in-ear headphones though and look stylish, but do not give a quality sound. As in any other case, with the player can only be tested for performance. The potential of the device is much higher than regular headphones. The sound of the T10 is clean, noise-free throughout the audible frequency range and at different levels.

FM-radio nothing noteworthy (other than a good sensitivity) is no different. Memory is designed for 30 radio stations.

With the possibility of writing the situation is much more modest than with listening capabilities. And with the FM-radio, voice recorder and the recording is in MP3 format with a bitrate 92 kbit / s and a frequency of 22 kHz. Any way to improve these parameters are possible, alas, no. But the quality of the microphone is at a very high level – noise when recording in a room almost none.

Video capabilities are not as striking. Provides support for common formats WMV, and very little known SVI, which converts the provided clips to complete the program Samsung Media Studio.

However, as shown, will convert any videos, because Player is very sensitive to the parameters of video and even the vast majority of files in the format of WMV “eat” refuses.

T10 lets you view photos in JPEG format with automatic scaling to fit the screen that they can not all devices. At the same time compresses the image the player is just perfect – visible even very small details.

The ability to read texts in T10 is surprisingly well-implemented (for MP3-player). You can change the font size, font color and background color, set a bookmark (just one, though), as well as enable and disable listening to music while reading. In general, as it is surprising, but the T10 – is a MP3-player, which really can read e-books, rather than short notes, as on others.

Well, the most interesting features T10 – transfer of data from the built-in Bluetooth module and support for as many as two pairs of the wireless headphones. However, the file transfer was only in the instructions. In fact, the corresponding menu item was absent and “docked” to the player handheld plaintively reported that “the right service for your unit does not have.” Most likely, the whole thing in the old version, but the fact remains.

Testing the speed of data exchange with PC

When you connect to your computer, T10 is seen as the unit MTP. The restrictions on the transfer to it any missing files. For example, copy the audio files of supported formats will be played without any problems. But for everyone else there is a special folder “data”. The only restriction in the operation of such a MTP-device – it works only with the operating system Windows.

It is possible and that the player is not defined as high-grade flash memory (ie UMS-device) due to the firmware version of the EU, but not RU, ie unofficial version of the test specimen. These thoughts are inspired by the fact that the model P2, as we shall see below, working as UMS.

Unfortunately, the test suite AIDA32 does not work with MTP-devices, so the time to read and write files manually evaluated. The player has shown very good results. Speed ??reading files from disk player was about 5.6 Mb / s and write speed of the player – 5.0 Mb / s. Willy-nilly, one wonders why the majority of MP3-players from other manufacturers show results in 2-3 times lower, while 5 Mb / s for USB 2.0 – the rate is low.

Testing the battery life

According to the manufacturer, the player is able to work autonomously in a mode of playing music for about 30 hours Well, the check showed that it is true. True, only if the player does not bother with this – in vain not to expend energy to the bright display. But in all other cases this time is greatly reduced. If you just use the common “reader” from time to time to watch movies and listen to music constantly, then autonomy is enough for 10-15 hours, no more. However, these indicators for power-consuming devices such good.

Here are just a complete no mains charger, so youll either have to buy the appropriate adapter separately, or always use the charging port on the computer USB.