by R. K. Bloom




Series notebooks, ASUS A8 positions along with lots of M9, A9, W3, M2, V6, F3, as a class Portability, which means “portable” – more lightweight compared to business models. The first letter “A” in the title of the notebook, and the entire series more specifically defines the niche, and means that this kind of relates to the budget laptop series with all the ensuing consequences. Specifically, the same model A8H00F is the cheapest model of the series with an Intel Core Solo T1300, based on the core Yonah.

As aptly said my good friend, “love at first sight does not work,” yes, this model is called a work of art do not dare, but the other poor and cheap, too, he is not looking. Design can be described as discreet and austere.

Complete specifications and laptop

Complete laptop: the laptop itself, the standard 6 cell battery, power supply from the AC, the bag, a mouse, a set of CDs with drivers and software, adapter RCA (Cinch) – S-video, cable to connect the laptop to the telephone network, the detailed guidance manual in Russian. The laptop comes with a Russian version of the operating system Windows XP Home Edition.

The software included with the laptop:

Windows XP Home Edition SP2;

Nero Burning Rom v6.6.0.15;

PowerDirector v3.0.1208;

MediaShow SE v214;


Laptop equipment can be described as rich, the manufacturer took care of the future user very well.

Specifications are given in the following table.

The main body of the laptop set aside a place in the infrared, which is installed on more expensive models in this series (for example, A8H00Jc), and derive a button to enable / disable Bluetooth and the corresponding LED on the front panel. Module Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR can be added at any authorized service center of ASUS, as well as the replacement for dual-processor Intel Core Duo.

The appearance, quality of manufacturing

Skin quite subjective, so try to bring more pictures.

The laptop makes a positive impression, strict and discreet design fits many, but a stylish label ASUS top looks very impressive.

The material from which made the laptop – plastic silver (top of the lid and the inner part of the body) and black (bottom, inside of the lid near the screen, and a small box with a quick launch keys) color.

At the bottom (left to right, top to bottom): a compartment for the cooling fan module, a wireless network from Intel, the CPU and RAM bay for optical drive, which can be replaced with a second hard drive or an additional battery, a compartment for a standard 6-cell battery and the hard drive bay. The user is allowed replacement of memory, as well as self-extracting optical drive upgrade is the CPU or hard drive without losing the warranty is only possible in the service center.

How much of the photographs around the bottom of the vent holes are provided for cooling of notebook components, it is recommended that while the device is placed on a solid surface, but, in practice, the components of so little heat that it is possible to have a laptop on your lap.

The build quality of the computer to be commended, the case is hard enough, and gives a sense of security, the details fit perfectly, never seen any creaking, no backlash and clearances. Very nice that engineers ASUStec to build versions of the budget laptops come with great responsibility.

Fixing the screen lid is very hard to open the lid with one hand it is problematic enough, but it is more a plus than a minus, as the screen securely in any position.


14-inch TN matrix with a resolution of 1280×800 and proprietary technology ASUS Crystal Shine and Color Shine, will ensure a comfortable fit quite undemanding (read most) users in the office, in movies, as well as in non-intensive games, but if you just look strictly at right angles or angle left / right.

Matrix laptop with sufficiently large horizontal angles (160 degrees), has a very small vertical viewing angles, subjectively no more than 10 degrees. This is followed by inverting the colors, which is especially noticeable on dark colors. Therefore, by watching movies more than 3 people will be more difficult.

But the small vertical viewing angles are not the only problem of this matrix, the second, mene drawback – the non-uniform illumination, the lower part of the matrix marred more than the top, although this defect is only noticeable on a dark background. When working in office applications uneven illumination noticeable.

Now – on a good display in the notebook A8H00F. Fortunately, there are plenty of good – that the high brightness of the matrix, which is enough to work on the street, and when working in a well lit room is unlikely to need to raise the brightness level is above average, good contrast and, most importantly, excellent image clarity. It should be emphasized bright colors characteristic of the studied matrix and proprietary technology ASUS – Splendid Video Intelligence Technology, which allows one button to change the gamma, contrast and color temperature to the preset mode is specially adapted for various tasks, such as watching movies, web pages, etc . etc.

Through the use of technologies Color Shine matrix laptop has a glossy, as is well known, high-gloss finish creates a glare from bright light sources. Before buying a laptop with a glossy screen coating is the author doubts assailed on the ground of inability to work comfortably in a variety of modes of illumination, which were scattered on the first day of using a laptop computer. Indeed, even on a sunny day in the open air can not only productive, but also to watch a movie, and in the evenings at all forget that your matrix can create any glare that may interfere with the work.

It remains to conclude that the quality of the matrix with large viewing angles are still the privilege of expensive notebook models, but it is encouraging that the other characteristics in the budget segment of the matrix penetrate quite good.

Ports and Ergonomics

In general, the location of the ports can be called thought-out except for the vent, which is located on the right side. But first things first.

On the right there are 2 ports USB 2.0, allotted a place in the infrared (IR port is installed on more expensive models, for example, A8H00Jc) and the vent hole to drain the warm air out of the laptop. This arrangement of the holes may cause some discomfort in right-handers when using the mouse, so you have to mix the hand a little below that, in principle, not be a big inconvenience.

On the left is an optical drive DVD-RW, a little higher on him the card reader SD / MMC / MS / MS Pro, which set a cap in the form of a memory card format SD. They are followed by another port USB 2.0, 4-pin IEEE 1394 port, microphone in, headphone out combined with optical S / PDIF. A little above is slot Express Card, which is like a card reader installed plug.

In front is a button lock the lid, and 2 speakers on each side. In addition, over the left speaker, lights are state of the laptop

which can be seen as a laptop when the lid is open and when closed.

On the back of the computer are derived: a connector for an external power supply, two-port USB2.0, the output S-video, Output VGA, for connecting an external monitor or projector, jack Ethernet (RJ-45) for connection to a LAN, modem connector (RJ-11), and Kensington lock.

Input Devices

Keyboard keys are standard size, except for the top row, which housed the function keys, the right number of keys, and keys that are slightly reduced, which at first may cause an erroneous press. The Fn key is located on the site of the left Ctrl, which is shifted slightly to the right, after some adaptation does not cause any discomfort. In general, the keyboard is very high quality, nice sensitivity combined with an easy swing keys. At the beginning of a disorder caused slight rattle a few keys located on the left side of the keyboard, but after a couple of hours of operation, this hardly notice the lack.

No vibrations and deflections during fast typing was observed. For the keyboard is a black box on which there are shortcuts, as well as the power button on your computer. Left on the same box is an indicator of the hard disk indicator klavshi CapsLock, key indicator of NumLock, which lights up in case of power on your notebook media player launch key (in this case, after loading the operating system running the player ASUSDVD).

Left to right:

button to switch modes Power4Gear,

on / off button Bluetooth (for Bluetooth module of this model is missing)

on / off button wireless button, switch between Splendid and utility start button media player.

Front of the keyboard area is available for hands, which were placed two large stickers: sticker on the left, which tells us about the hardware of the notebook, and the right label that tells the story of “technology exclusive ASUS – Splendid. Was noticed an interesting point, if after 2 weeks of operation of the inscription on the label Splendid has not changed, the label that is placed on the right came completely unreadable form, some other very worn inscription deformed, would suggest that even in a couple weeks of active use of them will be over.

The touchpad company Synaptics, located on the same level with the body and the device is colored in exactly the same color, the right is a scroll bar. The peculiarity of it is that the finger should not spend most of the band displayed on the touch pad, and a little left, and enter the desired area on the first try is not always possible.

Buttons up with a touch panel together and separated from the main part of a small depression in each other is not divided at all. Criticism on the buttons, as well as the panel itself, no, except maybe not quite successful cover – smooth to the finger is not always possible.

The touchpad can be disabled using key combinations Fn + F9, when re-booting the operating system re-trip is not necessary, which is very convenient.

The laptop comes with a wired optical mouse made by Logitech. In operation, the mouse has shown its best side, surprisingly proved to be suitable for work.

In addition to all of the above input devices include built-in VGA camera, which is located at the top of the display.

And the microphone is located to the left of the keyboard, near the key Fn.

Due to the growing popularity of Internet applications built-in camera and microphone are nice bonuses. However, it should be borne in mind that the sensitivity of built-in microphone is very low, for the record should be near a computer and speak in a raised voice that others can be perceived is not quite adequate, so take care of the workplace in advance.