by R. K. Bloom

YP-U4 and YP-Q1: how new innovations from Samsung?

YP-U4 and YP-Q1: how new innovations from Samsung?

MP3-player to come up with … Today, it almost sounds like “reinvent the wheel.” These small portable devices have reached the limit of its development, but also partly surrendered to the mercy of music phones and communicators that combines a lot of functions. However, new items appear on the market from time to time.

Today, to our test lab got another couple of players from Samsung, delight in the recent users original design and a fairly good combination of price and quality. Last spring we saw two very interesting models – Samsung YP-T10 and YP-P2, which were then very much appreciated. And now in our hands – the continuation of the line players from this manufacturer. Model Samsung YP-U4 is a classic musical “stick” with a miniature text display, designed only for playback of audio files and listen to FM-radio stations. Well, the second model, Samsung YP-Q1 – is a multimedia processor that works not only with audio and video, but even with photos and text files. However, the general characteristics of the standard model for most series MP3-player. Its time to get acquainted with the novelties closer …

Technical characteristics




MPEG1/2/2, 5 Layer3 (8 kbit / s 320 kbit / s, 8 kHz 48 kHz)

WMA (48 kbit / s 192 kbit / s, 8 kHz 48 kHz)

Ogg (Q0 Q10)

MPEG1/2/2, 5 Layer3 (8 kbit / s 320 kbit / s, 22 kHz 48 kHz)

WMA (8 kbit / s 320 kbit / s, 8 kHz 48 kHz)

Ogg (Q0 Q10)



SVI (Video: MPEG4, Audio: MP3 44,1 kHz, 128 kbit / s)

WMV (Video: WMV9, Audio: WMA Spec up to 860 kbit / s, 320×240, 30 frames / s)


S / N ratio


Frequency band

The signal / noise


Additional Features

Dictaphone (recording to MP3)

Firmware Update

Dictaphone (recording to MP3)

Viewing text files

Games and additional tools

Firmware Update

Power output for headphones


Rated power

Storage battery

Playback time

Max. 16 hours (MP3 128 kbit / s, loudly. 15, the display is off.)

Music: max. 30 hours (MP3 128 kbit / s, loudly. 15, the display is off.)

Video: max. 4 hours (with brightness 5, loudly. 15)

Dimensions in mm

Weight, g

Suggested retail price, rubles.

2 GB


8 GB

Samsung YP-U4


Samsung YP-U4 comes in a small plastic box – the style has given the iPod and now perhaps surprising that very unsophisticated buyer. Inside the box, except the player was found in-ear headphones, CD with software, as well as a brief guide to using. The full Russian-language instruction manual are traditionally found in PDF format on the accompanying disk. It should be noted that in contrast to the box, new equipment is extremely simple. And let the case for mobile devices today are not in fashion, but at least the strap for wearing the player around the neck in the package could be put.

Design and appearance

Form Factor novelty – a classic “flash drive”, as it was two or three years ago. Oh, and “lighter” – as you wish. This format players appeared, perhaps, one of the earliest and is still alive, thanks, oddly enough, the minimum and maximum ease of functionality of these devices. Many users do not need to play videos, view photos, or other exotic audio player functions. For them, the Samsung YP-U4 will be a great addition to the communicator, and a video player with a big screen. Practice shows that the multi-purpose processors are not always convenient to use. For example, in sports is nothing better than a tiny MP3-player like the Samsung YP-U4 has not yet come up with (well, except that the player even without the display).

However, the manufacturer is in no hurry to position the new product as a sports model and gives it a stylish, even a strict design. Black lacquered plastic enclosure has a trapezoidal shape – angled to the bottom surface of the side walls with rounded corners and sharp edges of the top panel allows to compare the device with a flat-bottomed boat.

The front panel includes two color gradient with the transition – in the vicinity of a black screen and a bright blue at the opposite end. By the way, the user chooses Samsung YP-U4 is also proposed in the red and purple coloring. Next to the display is the touch pad navigation with a large concave confirmation button in the center button and return to the previous menu item, located slightly to the side.

Recording and playback controls carried out by two push buttons with a short course, located on one of the side faces. There is also a lock button and sliding Hold, to the shortcomings which should be attributed too soft insensitive move – its easy to move accidentally.

Another sliding button is located on the opposite side. She is responsible for the spring mechanism USB-interface, which extends from the body automatically. But the connector is removed manually.

The opposite side of the butt carries a jack plug with a standard mini-jack 3,5 mm and a built-in microphone hole.

Nearby, on the back surface is a plastic loop for attaching neck strap and recessed deep into the body reset button the device. In general, the appearance of the player makes a very good impression – it is quite suitable for both men and elegant ladies, and someone may recall the good old days when such devices were a luxury. The only drawback of new items may be considered too easily soiled plastic material of the body. Fingerprints on the Samsung YP-U4 appear instantaneously, but over time it will necessarily be covered, and small scratches.


The tiny display with a diagonal about one inch is built on the OLED-technology. It seats four lines of text: the top when playing traditionally occupied by icons that display information about the modes of operation, the average shows a tag or a file name and the two lower are used to display the playback time. Pure classic!

All information is displayed in blue and its derivatives. The text also looks very clear and easy to read. In addition, the image is virtually no fade in the sun, which is characteristic of all OLED-displays.

The player in the

The first time the device switches in about eleven seconds, and all the subsequent inclusion of committed no later than a few hours after the first, carried out almost instantly. Thus, in the Samsung YP-U4 is implemented technology of sleep. We had an instance of the tested firmware version 1.20 RU, which can always be updated independently from the manufacturer.

When enabled, as well as the transition from one to another menu item on the surface of the player three LEDs light up. They can suddenly burst into light gradually or all at a time, may fade or wash at a time. Perhaps this is the case when the player purely decorative ornament illuminated perfectly fit into the concept conceived and did not distract the user.

The main menu has new items, even animated icons for each item, so that we can not say that the player looks boring. In total six menu items: Music, FM Radio, Datacasts, Voice REC, File Browser, Settings. The names of settlements, even English, but speak for themselves. By the way, as opposed to “cap” menu and all its sub-Russified. And with Russian tags and file names is no problem.

It is noteworthy that the manufacturer has paid attention to the animation, not only to create menu items, but it took another four, and animated screensavers. These screen savers can be triggered when playing music (of course, if you do not want to turn off the screen at the same time).

Touch navigation was pretty easy to use and perfectly tuned to the sensitivity of the keys. Navigating the menus is fast, without the slightest delay, and its well thought-out structure is tested and worked on dozens of other models, and therefore unlikely to cause any problems even for a beginner.


Recently, manufacturers of MP3-players formed a common tradition – the new models just to change the look and feel, and functionality of the previous post. Hardly worth it for developers to abuse, because the MP3-players pretty quickly just reached the limit of its development and, alas, dead-end to be improved. Samsung YP-U4 in this respect is not an exception.

New well lose any files MP3, WMA and OGG. As is the case with models of Samsung YP-T10 and YP-P2, there is no ability to play WAV, which could be considered a disadvantage. The choice of songs is available by genre, artist, album, etc. It is also possible to create five playlists. In addition, this baby works with ten (!) Pre-EQ and one user semipolosnym, custom hand. In addition to the equalizer in the technology DNSe, the system uses, and another – the total. Adjustable hand and he also has seven frequency bands. In addition, Samsung YP-U4 also boasts a 3D-sound settings, bass and clarity.

But what was missing from models of Samsung YP-T10 and YP-P2 and that was not realized at the Samsung YP-U4 – the opportunity to set a bookmark, so that new fans are unlikely to fit audiobooks.

FM-radio is different from the other only supports RDS. Otherwise, it is sensitive receiver using an antenna headphone cord. Modest development can be considered a godsend to quickly mute by pressing the soft key evidence – as well as pauses while playing songs.

Unfortunately we do not find any settings for the recorder. And with the FM-radio, voice recorder and the recording is in MP3 format with a bitrate 96 kbit / s and a frequency of 22 kHz. But the quality of the built-in microphone is at a very high level – noise when recording in a room almost none.

Established in-ear headphones and they look quite simply, play music, and about the same. They are suitable only for testing new items – no more. The potential of the player is much higher, so it is better to buy something more suitable.