by R. K. Bloom

ASUS Lamborghini VX1

ASUS Lamborghini VX1

Instead of joining, or a short digression …

It so happened that from all the top manufacturers of sports cars in this article the author has always given personal preference is the brand Lamborghini. The black color in the automotive context, with all its other merits, was associated with a shift of emphasis in favor of the importance of anonymous for the time internal capacities “under the hood”, in contradiction of external brightness. The fact that it was I had to write a review on this, of course, unique solutions from ASUS, as well as the fact that our chief editor (a low bow to him!) Was able to get in the test lab notebook model is black – for me twice a fluke . However, “If the stars are lit – means that someone, yeah … need.”

Incidentally, it is possible that the cooperation and the use of the brand is ASUSTek Lamborghini is not just a desire “not to yield” of the company Acer, are actively selling their laptops under the brand Ferrari … According to one legend, the very creator of the brand – Ferruccio Lamborghini started production sports car is in opposition to Ferrari, after he was denied admission to the office of Ferrari, where he arrived to discuss some design flaws of his Ferrari 365 GT. Another version is more carefully and succinctly reports that Ferruccio was deeply interested in his youth with motor vehicles, particularly sport utility vehicles, and create your own auto shop became the embodiment of his long-held dream. Since then, the cars bearing the emblem of a bull, or rather not exactly a bull – a bull, astrological sign, which was born by Ferruccio – are the unofficial symbol of insane power and speed.

If we return to “our bulls” in the world of mobile computing notebook bearing the brand of a similar, automatically and quite rightly ranked among the class of so-called “image” of solutions. This most luxurious laptop is certainly a pleasure to buy a “for the soul” and receive a gift. All is left to chance, including the equipment – which just is branded bag with arms Lamborghini. Although, some running forward, I would say that new product called the underdog from the performance or other technical features simply do not dare!

Now, without violating the accepted tradition, we present the summary table of the stated specifications.

Equipment, appearance,

When choosing a potential buyer of the laptop premium, which is now being tested mobile computer, a fine may be decisive. Should “be able to present themselves.” This means the need for excellence, reflected in the optimal balance between internal and external components of the final decision. Let us see how to perform the task ASUSTek in our case.

The stylish branded box, we found:

Just the laptop ASUS Lamborghini VX1;

Lamborghini branded bag to carry the notebook;

Proprietary wireless mouse Lamborghini (manufactured Logitech);

Multilingual user manual on the basics of working with a laptop;

English-language, users manual;

Drive with all the necessary drivers and system utilities;

Discs with additional software: ASUS Mediashow SE 2.0; Nero Burning Rom;

A special cloth for wiping the surface of the liquid crystal display;

Phone (modem) cable;

Attachment mains and power cables to a different standard

Card addresses international service centers ASUS

Spacious and stylish carrying case with shoulder strap.

Wireless Bluetooth Mouse branded Lamborghini, made to order by Logitech.

List of impressive and equipment can be described as almost luxurious. Surprisingly only the absence of batteries for the mouse and not a rich set of software supplied with the laptop.

Oh yes, this “machine” is worthy to wear the emblem of a Lamborghini. Perfectly polished, deep-black surface of the upper lid is shaped like a sports car and the hood of a mighty nice to watch the sun shimmer fun, reflected from its mirror surface. We are pleased contemplation of the same standing next to the pictures on this car Lamborghini is certainly not be able to compete, but …

All of the style: strict and laconic, and at the same time – incredibly beautiful. All indicators are highlighted in blue saturated, soft, black konstrastiruya embodiment of the keyboard and touchpad. Note: The font used for the signature of the keypad buttons is unusual and very interesting. There is also a sign Automobili Lamborghini and a unique serial number of the laptop – all this is a sure sign of possession is not an ordinary mobile PCs. Indicators and additional function keys and key power management laptop made in a single control line just above the keyboard.

On the left side of the body is a mobile computer drive DVD / RW, Firewire IEEE 1394 port connector, Express Card, infrared port and a connector to fit a lock Kensington.

On the right are 4 port USB 2.0, a universal card reader that reads flash card formats SD, MMC, MS and MS Pro, RJ-11 built-in 56K V.92 modem, laptop, RJ-45 port integrated network solutions, a connector for power adapter from the network.

From the rear, and front-side connectors and no outputs are not located.

Location of the battery – the traditional. It is also easy to see that it is possible easy access to the innards of the laptop, including hard drive bay, a bay module Bluetooth, bay, where the main memory.

Does not particularly remarkable Li-Ion Battery 5200 mAh capacity. Individually, not even guess a part of what is destined to enter this laptop battery.

Working with a laptop, the performance

Working with a laptop of this class – fun, primarily aesthetic. On the other hand, even to the most luxurious in appearance, sometimes, you get used to, and become a priority other characteristics of the product. Do ASUS Lamborghini VX1 at an altitude of – everything. The noise level of this mobile computer is very, very small (the “resounding” device, according to tradition – a working optical drive DVD-RW), while the cabinet is not heated, even with heavy use.

15-inch display is covered with a matrix “mirror” the protective coating. In addition, there is a special cloth for gentle cleaning thereof from dust and other contaminants. As for viewing angles, color and contrast of the display – all of these options at a good level. The horizontal viewing angles – about 150-160 degrees.

With regards to the keyboard: key travel is soft and clear. Among the additional function keys are on / off button touchpad, power of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, the browser launch button installed in the Microsoft Windows default.”

From the software solution is an interesting branded utility Splendid Video Enchancement Technology, which allows to have multiple templates display modes mobile computer, which we define “fine tune”: the saturation of each color forming an image (RGB – Red, Green and Blue) and their color temperature. In addition, there are built-in profiles that are optimized for different types of applications.


Of course, we will conduct a number of traditional tests to determine the relative level of performance ASUS Lamborghini VX1, however, no harm will be an important reminder that despite the fact that the performance of this model is already quite high, yet its main advantage – the emblem of a Lamborghini on board. Is only a start on this, even considering that the functional richness this notebook – one of the most “technologically intensive” we tested recently (here, found even more formally outdated infrared).

Thus, the technical basis of this laptop is:

Platform: Intel Core Duo;

Processor: Intel Core Duo T2500;

Memory: DDR-II, functioning at a clock frequency of 667 MHz;

Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce Go 7400 with 128 MB of internal memory and the ability to capture the dynamic range of 128 to 512 MB of free RAM resources.

And so it is not too “hot” and demanding processor T2500 (but still 2 cores at 2.0 GHz) during idle time reduces its clock speed work to further reduce battery life.

Memory is installed in such a way that was originally running dual-channel mode to access it.

And now – to the benchmarks.

The battery life, according to the Battery Eater, was 138 minutes (2 hours 18 minutes).

The results can be described as “excellent” in terms of overall performance ligament “processor-memory”, the quality of work in a workstation and a “pretty good” in the context of using the laptop to work with 3D-graphics. Hours mobile computer from the battery corresponds to the average.


Thus, the product of a joint creative research engineers and designers at ASUS and Lamborghini – ASUS Lamborghini VX1 was a success.” The strongest position of the notebook – certainly, elegant look, combined with a unique hint of uniqueness and exclusivity of the decision. The hardware is also a weak link is not providing the future owner, as well as decent performance and a rich interface and communication capabilities.

In addition, among the obvious benefits – full international warranty for 2 years. Package includes the presence of a card with telephone service centers ASUSTek around the world. Also on the laptop extends the campaign LCD Zero Bright Dot – literally means “no dead pixels display.” In case you within 30 days of purchase a laptop will find it on the surface of the matrix is ??at least one broken pixel – you are guaranteed free replacement laptop to another instance.

In summary, tezisno:


Its a real Lamborghini!;

Great design and ex-interior laptop;

The rich equipment, including a branded bag and mouse Lamborghini;

A good level of performance;

The rich communication capabilities;

Sophisticated layout interface ports;

International Warranty 2-year duration of the program LCD Zero Bright Dot.


The obvious missing.