by R. K. Bloom



Scientific and technological advances of recent years in computer technology have allowed manufacturers to equip their laptops with all the necessary works to resolve any problems with high performance. So, if you do not waste your time on trifles, to the buyer are two main issues when choosing a laptop: what class to deal with work it will be used (replacing the home PC, or as a constant, “Mobility” companion at work and on the way) and the important question of design. Today we will focus primarily on issues of innovative design, as the laptop ASUS S6F, which is todays guest on our test lab, is very different in this parameter from its fellows.

Model ASUS S6F with good reason relates to the class of ultra-compact notebooks. It is on this class of designers assigned the mission of lifelong wanderings through the world with his owner. This means that the laptop should be a part of the image of man, as they say, to emphasize his personality. So along with the duration of the acute problem of battery life and communications capabilities to ultraportable manufacturers is no less important problem of spectacular design that is appropriate for the style of the target audience, which is focused on the product. The new model S6F, ASUS shows us his vision of a spectacular answer to this question.

However, the laptop has pleased us not only the original exterior, and interior decoration, executed on the platform Intel Centrino Duo (Sonoma). But, first things first.

Model S6F positioned as image and ultra-mobile, which means that it should possess, speaking subjectively, the following parameters:

The small size;

Lightweight (less than 2 kg);

Design, a favorable contrast to other classes of models;

Long battery life (at least 3.5-4 h);

Great connectivity options (LAN, Wireless LAN, preferably Bluetooth);

Monitor output (for presentations and watching movies on the big screen or projector);

The convenient location of the ports on the housing (not accounted for, such as transportation to grope their “blind” on the back side of the body).

Accordingly, the aggregate of all these factors can clearly say, corresponds to the positioning of the laptop manufacturer or not. Let us turn to the case.

Stated specifications series models S6F:

Originally installed RAM running in single channel mode access. To enable dual mode memory access will need to purchase an additional module DDR-II 533 512 MB capacity.

The appearance, equipment

As mentioned above, the developers of the design shown here S6F considerable skill and originality of thought. There can be little doubt in only one, representatives of the GreenPeace unlikely to appreciate, as the notebook covered with leather from the inglorious dead reptile.

A leather coat is not only expensive design element, but is high quality and durable cover of the notebook, protecting it from scratches and scuffs. We can say that this kind of back to basics – in the ancient world, where the most valuable and important manuscripts were written on pieces of leather and placed in a leather cover (among other things, many of them have survived, almost without losing their value) .

ASUS offers its customers a choice of four colors: dark brown (the one that went in our test lab), pink, white and yellow. That is, in fact, for every taste.

In our test lab test unit came with no retail package. And although the most interesting “stuff”, emphasizing the features of this laptop, it was attended with some additional enhancements to future users of ASUS S6F will see for yourself. We give a complete list of what he found on the official website of the Russian representation of ASUSTek.

Complete ASUS S6F:

ASUS S6F laptop in one of four color versions of the housing;

The nominal battery (5200 mAh);

Universal power adapter from the mains;

Stylish notebook carrying bag;

Corporate, Leather Mouse;

Modem cable;

The card with the list of global service centers;

User Manual in Russian;

Quick Start Guide;

Driver disk, the disk (s) of recovery, disk Nero OEM Suite;

License for Microsoft Windows XP (with no disk is labeled on the bottom of the laptop);

In our case (test sample), no manuals, modem cable, and a proprietary “mouse”. A single word should be mentioned packing a laptop, which opening is reminiscent of the opening up solidly packed gift.

We continue the consideration of the cornerstones upon which the whole design of ASUS S6F.

Immediately struck by the original arrangement of control buttons and indicators located on the “axis” of the matrix, so their location can be explained by a very compact size laptop.

If you look at the top of laptop, it looks like a leather folder for A4 pages, by the way their dimensions are almost identical.

The front side is positioned in a single port, and it is very convenient, because at work on his knees in transport or elsewhere, it does not have far to move away from you to insert a device or cable.

On the left side is output to an external monitor, headphone port, slide on and off wireless interfaces, Wireless LAN and Bluetooth, as well as you can see the “secret” door closer to the front.

Over the door on a magnetic locks hide an extra compartment in it: 2-port USB, bred on both sides (although its not particularly help: if you put any of them are medium-sized MP3 player, it will close or login to your modem or network card) microphone input port and one network card and modem. Incidentally, when I tried to put the mouse into the USB port, a magnetic lock on the door began to draw on the body of the plug and a bit disturbed. We had a little stretch fingers to insert it.

On the right side are: single USB port into which it is possible to put the device of any size, without blocking the other ports, optical drive, CardReader, PCMCIA port, to set the lock Kensington.

In addition to the rear side of the battery are just way out and FireWire IEEE1934 connector for an external power adapter.

Ventilation grilles separated so as to exclude the possibility of blocking the outflow of hot air when working with a laptop “lap” and inclined surfaces. Partly due to the use of low-voltage version of the processor Intel Core Duo – L2400 (L – Low Voltage), ASUS engineers have achieved near-total silence, and a very low level of body heat mobile computer.

Working with a laptop, testing

The keyboard also leaves a positive impression: smooth, quiet and clear move. Is that the size of the keys still considerably less than the full-size keyboard.

The touchpad can be characterized by feel, as some slack. However, hardly anyone will like the long-term work with any type of touchpad, especially given the fact that the equipment included in the sale stylish branded mouse.

Bag – a great gift for the user of the laptop! The only caveat is the lack of shoulder strap for transport, however, it may be “forced conditions” special image and positioning of a mobile computer. In addition, for such a compact model, the concept of handbags can easily replace cover.

The matrix of “mirror” of the type encouraged its excellent brightness, contrast, and as wide viewing angles horizontally. Illumination of the matrix is ??uniform, without the “light angle”.


Before presenting the results of tests, I would like to say a few words about the legitimacy of comparing the current ward with other cars.

This season, consider the laptop “ultraportable” class of our test lab has not yet accounted for. Therefore, we present to compare the results of such testing as a laptop ASUS W5F (12.1-inch diagonal display, filled with 1.6 kg weight, Intel Core Duo T2500 (2,0 GHz) and the MSI S271 (12.1-inch diagonal, 1.9 kg, AMD Turion 64 X2 ML-50 (1.6 GHz). comparison is not between direct competitors in price range and positioning, and although the internal “power” are similar in terms of all three mobile computers, it must be considered.

Let us recall the main characteristics of mobile PC ASUS S6F.

Platform Intel Centrino Duo (Sonoma)

Processor Intel Core Duo L2400 (1,6 GHz)

RAM 1.5 GB DDR-II 533 MHz

Graphics Card Intel GMA950

Battery life with standard battery capacity of 5200 mAh, according to the Battery Eater 2005, was 322 min (about 5.3 hours full battery).

Simply superb results for a mobile computer form factor. Not at all surprising that in 3D-applications brings a weak graphics core, however, in that we do not see anything wrong: no sense to buy a laptop with the ultra-inch screen 11.1 “for professional graphics work.

Also note that the Intel Core Duo processor L2400 with the index showed a “well done”, some beating in PCMark almost the same configuration MSI S271.


ASUS S6F – laptop unique in its kind, combining previously incongruous. Innovative design in the form of trim panels laptop skin not only looks unusual and stylish, it also protects your “mobile partner” from scratches and small dents on the body, allow for a long time to save him more than presentable.

Ultra-portable form factor notebook accommodates a modern, productive platform with all necessary communication interfaces and additional features, and an autonomous operating time with standard battery – more than 5 hours (with a battery of high capacity – about 8 hours!). Deluxe wrap and accessories – all made on the highest level.


Gorgeous design;

Small size and weight;

The high level of performance;

High quality TFT-display;

Long battery life;

Excellent equipment;

International Warranty ASUSTek.


Explicit absent.


Several small size keyboard.