by R. K. Bloom

Portable Media Player Kingston K-PEX 100

Portable Media Player Kingston K-PEX 100

A well-known manufacturer of RAM and flash memory, the company Kingston, decided to enter a new market for it, and launched a portable players, starting with a very multi-functional device. The range of diversity and not represented by just one model K-PEX 100 in versions with one or two gigabytes of internal memory. A good start, considering that this is not the crude product, and very well thought out and carefully prepared for the final release of Player.

Specifications Kingston K-PEX 100

The appearance, equipment


Player Kingston K-PEX 100;


USB cable;

Adapter USB – miniUSB;

Audio cable (mini-jeck 3.5 “- mini-jeck 3.5″);

Neck “string”;

The CD-ROM with documentation and software;

Users Guide, documentation.

The player is a very sturdy construction, executed in black and silver colors. When he is in his hand, it seems that the front panel bezel and the whole back cover made of steel – so High-quality construction. It looks stylish and expensive, there is no backlash and creaking panels.

The front panel is a power indicator and the main controls: on / off button. player, the button main menu / exit the game, the navigation keys, confirm and cancel the select, the button play. In the center is 2 “TFT screen with resolution of 200 by 176 pixels.

On the upper edge of the device are rarely used keys mode, repeat and rec. Here, in addition to line out for headphones, a line input to record sound directly from external sources – the proper cable is attached to the player.

At the bottom are the volume keys and latch hold, to lock the keys. It was found, and the slot for the strap. Despite the significant size and weight, the player is comfortable enough to wear Neck strap. Learn more about sell Rolex.

The rear cover can be removed only by unscrewing four screws that purports to deny the warranty. On it are the slots and built-in speaker, and factory stickers with information about the player, with its serial number. As shown, the serial number is very easily subject to abrasion, which have often been noted by the author. During operation, we recommend gently seal it with something clear, that in the future does not have a problem with a guarantee.

On the left and right side of the interface are miniUSB connector and a slot for memory cards miniSD. The latter increases the attractiveness of the player. With no small amount of internal memory, it can be increased. Given the functionality of the player when using miniSD memory card in the camera or mobile phone, you can easily view photos on your player, or copy music to it from your phone. In internal memory, as well as any other flash drive you can freely write files of any format. In the immediate vicinity of the miniUSB-connector microphone located and deeply recessed button reset, which never once during testing and did not have to use it. Charging the player is only via USB-port.

Working with PC software

The device does not require any drivers when used (except for legacy operating systems) and is defined in the system, as the two devices – USB flash drive and card reader. All actions of record, deleting files, you can (and should) be done in any file manager, without using additional software.

The CD-ROM supplied is only the Adobe Acrobat Reader to be able to read the warranty company, written in PDF, and the program Transcoder to convert your videos to a format MPX.

The program will transfer almost any video format to video MPX, which uses compression to MPEG-4. Program Transcoder adapted to a single device, a K-PEX 100, which facilitates its use. Only need to select the compression quality, aspect ratio and quality of audio, there are no other options as unnecessary.

Menu and features

The screen can display only one menu item that gives way to the keys “left” – “right”, and its settings, which are selected keys “up” – “down”.


Kingston K-PEX 100 reproduces the file formats WAV, WMA, Ogg, ASF, and, of course, MP3 with no restrictions on bitrate. Button play is used to quickly launch the player from any menu item, and pressing it again stops playback.

As it should be in a serious product, the standard functions like playback speed adjustment, equalization, display ID3-tags. The equalizer has six of the most popular presets and one custom mode with volume control in five frequency bands. Russian ID3-tag player calmly accepts, and they are displayed correctly. In playback mode, no extra walk on the menu, you can select equalizer mode button mode and redo options, and then press repeat.

A great advantage of the player is that when you exit the player continues to play music in the background – you can easily watch your photos, change the settings of your player, or reading a favorite book while listening to music.


Program Transcoder accepts all major video formats, and has only the most appropriate settings. Compression takes place at least for a long time, but the loss of quality at the highest setting is almost negligible. Settings when you play there – has launched a video and watch it on full screen.


Radio only works with headphones, which play the role of the antenna. The range of scanning frequencies from 87.5 to 108 MHz and the memory can store up to 20 radio stations.


Recorder records audio in WMA format with bitrates from 32 to 128 Kbps. Access to records and their removal via the file manager.


Screen sends all the details of photos, but the colors are not as rich as we would like – the screen a bit dull. With the memory card photo 2048×1536 opened for 9.11 s., Which is quite tolerable. The only thing that attracts attention when viewing photos – there is no magnification. By holding the button select, any picture, you can put a photo as the background.


There are only two – Arcade Battle Armor and Space Fly Star Fighter. Unfortunately, the other games under the K-PEX 100 in the Internet could not be found, so we make a conclusion that this is only a small addition to all other functions of the player.


K-PEX 100 only accepts plain TXT-format. On the screen there are eight lines of text scrolling is no line and page by page. In part, TXT format is more convenient because they do not have to translate text in any Java-format, as some players and phones.

File Manager

The usual file manager that can also run any supported file format. If the memory card is inserted, the root there is another folder called miniSD, to access the memory card. Copy only the files and only one, which creates some limitations in their work.


Settings can only enumerate the names speak for themselves: a reset of the player, language, color of light (the color of the text), auto-shutdown, standby, clock, display duration, repeat the (direction of the scrolling menu), menu transparency, speed of scrolling .

Tests and conclusions

Speed ??characteristics were measured with HDTune software version 2.5 and DiskSpeed ??v1.1

Speed ??reading is typical for USB flash drive and on a test machine was 9.6 Mb / s. Through the built-in slot miniSD, the reading speed is not very understated – a memory card Kingmax miniSD 512Mb read through the K-PEX 100, typical for the majority of card readers at 6.7 Mb / s.

Quality of voice records sufficient for most users. It is quite discernible even when recording in a noisy room at a distance of one to two meters away from the interlocutor. With a minimum bitrate of 32 Kbps in the background noise is lost much of the quiet sounds, but the clarity of speech is a little effect, the record does not turn into a sound “mess” and that is remarkable – the sound level (recording volume) becomes higher. The recording time is limited only by the amount of free space.

Test record >> 32 Kbps, WMA, 118 KB

Test record 128 >> ??Kbps, WMA, 486 KB

When playing an MP3 file cyclic volume 9.6 Mb and encoded at constant bit rate 320 Kbps, with headphones at full volume, the player lasted 10 hours and 15 minutes. When playing back video in high quality with full speaker volume, play time was 4 hours 40 minutes. Comments about this unnecessary.

Permits 220×176 pixels is enough for a 2 “screen. The picture is good enough, bright pixels are almost invisible. The dark parts in the video is lost, but on a larger screen, the usual players, we can not wish for. The menu is convenient and pleasant to use. As an MP3-player K-PEX 100 fulfills 100%. The volume of the headphones is quite sufficient, built-in speaker volume would be enough to watch a movie on a bustling street in the train.

Battery life can only please, at least for charging and will have to find a computer. There are no issues of compatibility of formats, except for the video. Entries from the recorder played by any player. The text is not very convenient in TXT-format, but it can be easily obtained from any other format. Increased memory using miniSD cards greatly enhances the functionality of the player.

It is safe to say that in front of us one of the best players. A balanced, high quality, with good functionality – in the best traditions of Kingston. Price? Meets!

We express our gratitude to the company, “Computer Market” (Gomel) for the given test player.