by R. K. Bloom

Cooler Master Hyper 48

Cooler Master Hyper 48

As we know, nothing stands still and the development of coolers keeps pace with the times. The reason is that the heat dissipation of modern processors is increasing.

Many have heard the popular notion that AMD processors are heated, but few remember that the “warming” has been named the AMD Athlon 1400 with a TDP of 73W. By contrast, modern processors have long crossed that line and, for example, TDP Intel Pentium4 processors based on Prescott core up to 103W.

This figure is quite impressive, and experience has shown that in most cases, customers are not satisfied with the cooler going in the kit. The reason is that the “load” the fan starts spinning faster and rather loud noise. The question arises: is it possible to cool the modern processors and does not violate the peace at the same time user? The answer to this we obtain, after inspection of such a bright representative of the “high tech” as the Cooler Master Hyper 48.

But in the range of Cooler Master, this model fits quite organically, because the model with heat pipes for several years are at the top of the range of this company. If you put a number of CM Hyper48 and CM Alps, we see they are very similar:

The copper heat sink, heat pipes, black fan … It seems that Hyper 48 – its Alps, which simply grew up … Now he does not duck and swan big and strong.

As the theater begins with a hanger, and familiarity with the cooler starts with the box. Especially since it is arranged in a convenient location to inspect the cooler from all directions, it does not need removing. In addition to advertising signs, on the box also contains a description and specifications.

Inside the box is a plastic box, which gently laid a cooler with a complete set of fasteners, screws and other useful devaysov, which will be discussed below. And first of all we consider the cooler.

We see a rather massive cooler with four C-shaped heatpipes. If you compare them with tubes Alps, you will notice that they are pretty much grown in diameter. The shape resembles the letter T radiator, because the top of the installed eight additional edges in contact with heat pipes.

The base is a copper plate with a projection in the form of a circle. The quality of polishing raises no objections, except that the reflection is a little dull – to use a cooler as a mirror does not work.