by R. K. Bloom

Bluetooth-USB adapter MaxSelect

Bluetooth-USB adapter MaxSelect

Who of us did not attend a strong desire to get rid of piles of wires surrounding the system unit home or office computer? The answer is obvious, for the love of explicitly deprecated devices, like a standard mouse with a ball, characterized by a small group of conservatives who are too late to realize that their favorite classical subjects were once subject to attack their ideological predecessors. We as people of advanced views, not shunning the benefits derived from modern science, happily find another attempt to implement wireless technology in our computer hard life.

Today, it goes on a wireless keyboard and not even a mouse, but only on the Bluetooth-adapter from MaxSelect, who kindly supplied to the Russian market the company Atlantic Computers. Why kindly? – The reader will ask. And therefore, I will answer that when six months ago, I immediately took a similar device, I climbed half of Moscow in search thereof. Savyolovsky market, famous for its wide range, could only offer Bluetooth by 3Coms priced at about $ 150 apiece, that absolutely does not fit into my modest budget. As a result, was found Tecom Adapter for 45 conventional units which are also discussed in this review. I think that it makes no sense to tell the reader about the interface Bluetooth, good written about him already. Therefore, we will immediately proceed to the description of the device under the name of a complex MaxSelect Bluetooth USB Dongle BTD-2403.

Brief specification:

Compatible with Bluetooth 1.1

The operating frequency of 2.4 GHz

Dimensions 60h19, 9h2, 2 mm

The maximum operating distance of up to 10 meters (Class 2)

Built-in antenna with a USB izluchatelSovmestimost 1.1Nalichie built-in flash memory (volume not specified)

Appearance and equipment

A box of transparent plastic contains, in addition to the adapter, vosmisantimetrovy CD with drivers and interface software. More than anything in the package there, although there is a desire to see the extension cord does not leave me until the moment the device is turned.

However, looking at the BTD-2403 (do not dare call it a “dongle”), it became clear that the extension cord to it completely useless: the size of the device are as follows (in contrast to the Tecom), you can easily stick to any of the possible USB ports without interference to its neighbors – the keyboard or mouse, which, actually, I did. In the picture presented is easy to see the difference between MaxSelect and Tecom – the latest addition to the cumbersome size and leans even has an antenna, and the case BT-2403 has built-in transmitter, making it virtually indistinguishable (appearance) of the conventional remote control USB-Flash.

Enable and configure

In addition to the supplied software, I decided to use the familiar (half a year, thank God!) Interface package from Tecom. This has made testing of the device more pleasant, as your own software proved to be not the best way, but the drivers and programs from the Tecom USB Dongle excellent approached MaxSelect. But as they say, lets start from the beginning.

The first failure

Drivers and Utilities with vosmisantimetrovogo CD have been installed, the device is defined, as evidenced by the following screen:

Then began to occur more funny things in the list of devices mysteriously appeared mysterious strangers.

In an attempt to study the properties of a standard modem, oddly enough, nothing unusual was found: a standard modem frankly showed a standard set of parameters. What is the communication cable to install just failed, but its parameters were similar to a standard modem. The next revelation was the program interface:

Ckudny set of options, is not it? On a mobile phone capabilities and the situation was even worse. It turns out, Ericsson T39M is absolutely not intended for the exchange of business cards, in any case, according to the interface of the program from the BT-2403. In further attempts to work with the program, it became clear that the only thing you can do with it – to pair the phone with a computer, which was successfully done. However, knowledge of the fact that my computer sees my phone, not only soothes, rather – to spur the further exploits. Trying to connect to the Internet via Mobile TeleSystems and Microsoft Windows XP. The phone was set up six months ago in strict accordance with the instructions of the Technical Support MTS, and configure remote access have been introduced under the same guidelines.

After you click Dial, it has received the following message, but the phone did not react to what is happening.

Further, the system issued violently inscription error opening port. We can only guess about the way the Bluetooth-adapter to recruit the above numbers without the phone. In general, call me and failed, but sorry …

Triumph of the wireless

Abandoning attempts fruitless attempt to contrive awkward software, try the fresh naborchik by Tecom, and lo! All the efforts and sufferings were rewarded handsomely. Moreover, the drivers all came, but a familiar interface with a blue icon earned without a single failure. I must say that Tecom pripodnosil some surprises concerning the relationship with the mobile phone, but they were resolved or reboot your computer, or rebooting the handset. With Maxselect everything was completely different. List of devices added to familiar Bluetooth-modem and a network driver, and a list of telephone services has grown in breadth and depth (compared to previous experience).

Description of these services is not feasible. Most of them are hardly a good use in the home. To connect to the Internet via GPRS was used Dialup Networking. At this time the link was established with the full assistance of the phone, and several times a connection could not be the fault of the latter and the MTS. As practice shows, for the stable operation of GPRS requires almost the maximum signal level on the machine, which, unfortunately, probably not everywhere and always. In any case, it refers to a test mode GPRS within MTS network.

Working in a local network

Possessing two adapter Bluetooth, easy to implement connection 2 computers on the LAN. The above-mentioned LAN Access Driver is designed specifically for this purpose, but on a second computer at the same time to activate the connection Bluetooh Null Modem. To configure the server side you need to create a new connection with the Lan Access Driver, turn it on and youre done! In this case the client becomes available Shared Folder on the server, where you can put the necessary information. Talk in detail about the network configuration does not make sense, because they are similar to those used when connecting 2 machines using ordinary network cards. Speed, unfortunately, not the one to measure it … I have used two methods which describe the following:

1) Measuring the speed of copying files to a folder Public Folder from the list of services. To copy a file is selected

size of 5 MB in MP3. Transfer rate in this case was from 57 to 61 KB / sec. Measurements were carried out using conventional electronic timer on the clock.

2) Measuring the speed of copying a file using the DU-Meter. The same file as in the first case, copied to the folder Shared Folder. The results can be seen in the above screenshot. As a compound used by connecting LAN Access Driver – Bluetooth Null Modem.

In fairness, we note that there is no need to copy or network print bulky graphic files we are able to connect 2 computers without wires, which is especially important if you frequently move them. In addition, the presence of a laptop with a Bluetooth adapter in conjunction with a desktop PC, allows the rapid exchange of information without any fuss with connecting cables.


Having examined the device MaxSelect Bluetooth USB Dongle BTD-2403, I went to a number of conclusions that would like to share with readers.

On the plus end, but first lets talk about the disadvantages: It is highly possible to recommend to manufacturers and postavshikam replace software which is bundled with the device. To avoid accusations of krivorukost and so on, I note that the user does not have to understand all the intricacies. Since this device is intended not only for advanced system administrators, and others like them, it is necessary to ensure maximum convenience for installation and configuration of BT-2403 the average user. And the ideology Bluetooth means that the protocol is designed for maximum ease of communication equipment, which we, sadly, often do not observe.

Finally, I will only say that having a USB connector, the cover can be easily written, as in the pros (how cool that it protects the connector!) And a disadvantage of this device, because it is so small that … Being by nature a man of uncollected, I almost lost the cap on BT-2403. Well, then, as in the old joke: a spoon, then found, but the sediment remained.


Effective design and well thought-out price ergonomikaNevysokaya

High quality performance

The lack of explicit hardware and software problems

Easy to cover the USB connector ekspluatatsiiNalichie


Inconvenient for

USB connector cover is easily lost

The author is grateful for the company Atlantic Computers provided for testing Bluetooth-adapter.