by R. K. Bloom

ASUS Eee PC 701: subnotebook at a price of PDAs

ASUS Eee PC 701: subnotebook at a price of PDAs

Budget laptop … Today is a phrase often appears in the announcements of different manufacturers, as well as brochures of computer stores. Mobile computer has ceased to be an element of prestige and is now available to users with different incomes. These days, a simple easy to buy a laptop for an amount of about 20 thousand rubles. However, the low cost imposes constraints not only on performance. Unfortunately, to find a small laptop for a little money is almost impossible, but it is no secret that many in the choice of mobile machines in the first place, it looks at the size and weight.

The development of this class of devices (laptops subnotebooks or ultra) is indeed associated with certain difficulties, such as placing all ingredients in a small package, addressing issues related to cooling, etc. All this, in one degree or another, affects the final cost of the product.

But this summer on the Internet rumors that ASUS is preparing a revolutionary laptop – at a cost of about $ 200, its dimensions do not exceed A5 format, and the weight is less than a kilogram. Alas, some rumors remained rumors. As we wrote recently, the novelty does soon fall into the Russian market, but its value is considerably higher than the notorious $ 200, around which there was so much noise.

Recently, the computer (call it the ASUS gadget, but not a laptop!) Came to us in a test lab and immediately caught the attention of almost all of our team. You can imagine how this kid will attract buyers, when it turns on the counter of the store … But questions as to who designed ASUS Eee PC 701, and about whether it is adequate to price, well leave for later. First, it would be nice to get acquainted with our guest.

But before turning to familiarity, it is necessary to mention one very important point. Unfortunately, at the time of testing, the Russian market has not yet got copies of the new notebooks, which are directly ready for sale. So after a few minutes of research it became clear that this is a so-called sample – a sample pre-market, which has characteristics as close to this ASUS Eee PC 701, but slightly different from it. What are these differences, we shall discuss in detail below.

Specifications (for the given model, which goes to the Russian market)

Design and appearance

Eee PC 701 – a seven-inch laptop, so it fully, can be called ultra-mobile machine. But its size is somewhat larger than 7 “. However, if you fancy a A5 format, you understand perfectly that the new product will include not only the portfolio of documents, or backpack, but in a handbag, adding it is not so much – 890 extra grams.

In the view – a full-fledged laptop. During the discussion of the computer, many have tried to put it in an evolutionary series between PDAs and notebooks. A quick glance is enough to understand that the unit is uniquely belongs to the latter, both in form factor, and on the technical equipment.

Eee PC 701 is a classic “book” without a lock cover. Cover adjacent to the body so tightly that even the slightest gap could not be found. Housing and cover made of black matte plastic, very nice (slightly rough) to the touch. On the lid, recessed silver badge emblazoned “ASUS”. The computer looks quite expensive and stylish, its design, in part, resembles the appearance of austere elders from ASUS, so surely will appeal to those who sympathize with the companys laptops.

On the front, slightly sloping edge to the right “look out” four LED indicator modes, made in the form of small dots.

The rear end is almost entirely occupied by a removable battery, the case which stands out for its bright gloss black. Next to the battery user will find a connector for the power adapter. The rear end toward the front a little bit raised. Thus, the notebook is tilted to the user, which makes work more comfortable.

All of the major connectors and interfaces are located on the left and right sides of the device. Right, closer to the user, the device carries a card reader for SD and MMC. At the bottom of the screen is the VGA-port, and socket-type fastening lock Kensington. In the central part of the series there are two USB-ports.

A third USB-port is located on the left side. Closer to the user here are audio jacks for microphone and headphones. At the bottom of the cover is a network port, and port to connect the internal modem to a telephone line.

As you can see, Eee PC 701 to its functional equipment is a full-fledged laptop, not palm.

The lower surface of the housing news relief, sloping slightly to the front. Around the perimeter are a lot of ventilation holes. On a flat table surface Eee PC 701 is securely held by four rubber feet – more for such crumbs, and is not necessary.

The battery rises above the plane, thus raising the rear of the laptop. The battery has two separate operating the lock, and therefore is protected from accidental removal.


The display is attached to the new two massive circular towers, located between the battery compartment. The entire rear of the notebook, including the battery, and display fasteners, made in the form of a solid long cylinder, which can now be seen in other laptops. The hinges work very smoothly and is moderately tight. Open the display is quite safe, even pulling one edge.

Under the hood dominates all the same matte black plastic, which is made from a keypad. Speaking of the keyboard, – ASUS is no stranger to the development of compact notebooks and knows a lot about the convenience of working with them. Fit a full size keyboard in a miniature size of the Eee PC 701 is impossible, so it had to be reduced, and the developers at ASUS have done it perfectly.

The keyboard on the laptops structure is different from most similar to it – all the main buttons are located on the standard locations. However, I would like to see a block with the arrow keys shifted to the bottom, especially as space allows. Otherwise, no complaints.

It is gratifying to note that the letter keys, number keys and cursor block size allocated substantially over the others. All this allows us to work with the Eee PC 701 is almost the same as his older colleagues.

All buttons have a clear tactile feedback and a relatively short course. In the free position, they rattle a bit (move from side to side), but it does not cause discomfort. The substrate is barely noticeable keyboard flex, but its hardly noticeable.

The touchpad is located below the display, an unusually small, but for a relatively low resolution display, he is good enough. The touchpad has a scroll bar on the right of the document, as well as two standard buttons, styled after a single decorative metal box – at the bottom.

Space for the hand below the keyboard, of course, a little, but, deciding to buy a laptop of this size, we should be clear that the full comfort in the work will have to forget – in the first place you put portability.

A few words on the cover and the geometry of the display. The latter, unfortunately, much less cover, making the design there is some imbalance, and potential users are already experiencing that is not yet spent the money. Really would like to see on the Eee PC 701 larger display (ten inches), but most likely it would have more money – the diagonal is chosen for reasons of economy.

On the sides are plastic mesh screen, behind which lurk in stereo speakers.

Above the display, in theory, should be placed in web-camera, but instead we found a regular mesh cap – on the existing test sample, we did not have cameras.

The interior is austere and simple laptop at the same time – no extra buttons, no frills, but felt the careful study of all elements, in particular, it concerns the ergonomic keyboard.


TFT LCD-display has a diagonal of the new 7 “and the resolution matrix of 800 x 480 pixels. In this age of development of various miniature mobile gadgets 7 “- is a smart diagonal, which can only dream of many owners of smartphones and PDAs. Those who are accustomed to watching movies on the screen is 2.8 “, no problem will be able to do it at 7.” But the resolution of 800 x 480 pixels for Windows-compatible software is often not enough.

Otherwise, the display is only worthy of praise – a huge range of brightness, color saturation and perfect, the best possible viewing angles. All of this suggests that the new product well suited for watching movies on the road somewhere, not necessarily alone.


Almost flat speakers located near the display, sound, surprisingly, not bad – no worse than any other laptop. But the volume of sound sad – even settled down close to the laptop, it is necessary to set the controller to the maximum. And on a noisy street to hear anything through the speakers is problematic – we have to use headphones.