by R. K. Bloom

Headsets Plantronics: M3500 and M2500

Headsets Plantronics: M3500 and M2500

Not long ago an American company Plantronics, a well-known manufacturer of accessories for cellular phones, has released two new models – M3500 and M2500.

The models differ radically from each other, like positioning, and form factor. Lets try them on taste, starting with the older model.

Included with the older model M3500 provides two hooks on the ear – more and less. The manufacturer recommends to try first to use a headset with a smaller hook, and if you do not fit – with a hook for more. In fact, with the average mans ear, it is more convenient to use a small hook yet – the headset is not loose, as otherwise, but in this case wearing comfort (ie the stiffness of the ear) is reduced.

In addition to a spare hook, also provides a network charger, car charger and carrying case device with a hook on a belt made of artificial leather.

Completion of course pleased that, unfortunately, can not be said for the convenience of carrying. Weight 27 gram headset, which, combined with a fairly rigid hook causes inconvenience for extended wear. It seems that the developers have tried – and the hook is made not just plastic, but with a lining of soft rubber, and he hooked the maximum follow the contour of the ear – but no, it starts to ache a little after two or three hours of wear. But all this is, in general, fault-finding, the wearing of other typefaces of the same form factor delivers much more discomfort. In summary, it may be noted that the headset for ease of wearing one of the best in its form factor.

According to the manufacturer, the headset will work for up to 76 hours of standby time or 3.5 hours of talk time. In reality, with an average of calls per day headset “lasted” two days, which is very good. Upset the lack of capacity of the battery indicator – the headset simply notifies the discharge for several hours until discharge. The battery uses nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH), so it is advisable at least once a month to do a full discharge prevention.